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    Heike and Bert met in the early 1980's at an electronics company called LeCroy where Heike worked as an accountant and Bert worked as a computer programmer.  With a group of liked minded individuals, we would rent and organize a ski house for 6 months every winter.  It was after the group rented a ski house in Wilmington one winter that Heike and Bert decided to buy a house in Wilmington.

    While looking for houses, they discovered a B&B called the Snowed Inn that was for sale.  It was in November of 1988 that they decided to purchase the Snowed Inn and try the B&B business.  Heike gave up her job at leCroy to run the Willkommen Hof B&B (as the new inn would be called), while Bert continued to work at LeCroy during the week and helped out at the Willkommen Hof on the weekends, holidays, & vacations.

    During the ensuing years, Heike and Bert continued to upgrade the B&B by adding more rooms with private baths, a 3 room suite with jacuzzi,  and a 2 room apartment with kitchen and jacuzzi bath.  They also changed their smoking policy to become one of the first smoke free establishments in the area.  They also decided to become a pet friendly B&B along with providing wireless internet access for their guests.

     In 2001, Bert decided to leave LeCroy to start a consulting business and to spend more time at the B&B.  During this time, he also obtained a NYS Guide's License and started to provide guests with guided trips for fishing, mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing and snow shoeing.