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Welcome to the We Support Minnesota Mining Resource Library!

We support environmentally responsible mining in northeastern and greater Minnesota for healthy communities, schools, hospitals and jobs that mining supports.

We Support Minnesota Mining, Conservationists With Common Sense (CWCS),  Up North Jobs and Minnesota Miners on Facebook and Twitter are working side by side for the betterment of our nation, state, region and local communities. These groups look to educate and inform the public to preserve public access and sensible multiple-use of public lands and waters. One of these uses is mining across our region and great nation. This is all the while caring for the environment for future generations to enjoy. Public and legal advocacy is a necessary tool needed at certain times and often is a costly endeavor for these groups to undertake.

If you find value in this resource please consider donating to CWCS: http://www.cwcs.org/join.html

and Up North Jobs: https://www.upnorthjobs.org/make-a-donation

Both are 501c3 organizations of grassroots volunteers. Support their continuing efforts to protect our way of life from extreme preservationist and obstructionist backed groups.

Page resources may be accessed at the menu links. The genesis of this website is to provide a more stable location for We Support Minnesota Mining related, mining supporter related and other industry related research. Best wishes in your research journey.


We greatly appreciate all who have contributed to this research. It was not done without a lot of assistance. Many thanks to you all!


This resource will continue to be developed and is an ongoing project. Research referrals may be made by messaging the We Support Minnesota Mining Facebook page. One of the admins will take it from there.

Current development projects include PolyMet, Twin Metals, Mesabi Nugget, near the communities of Aurora, Hoyt Lakes, Babbitt and Ely. Ongoing mining projects are located near Babbitt, Eveleth, Virginia, Nashwauk, Hibbing, Mt. Iron, Keewatin and others.


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