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Duluth Chamber Of Commerce Polymet Range Solidarity


Polymet Mining Supporters Dominated The Polymet Meeting Duluth, Mn. Feb. 8, 2018


Commissioner Pete Stauber Polymet Support


Glencore's CCR refinery: an overview of how copper is made, including copper refining & processing


Ore to More (The History of Copper)


Modern Mining - How Eagle Mine produces nickel and copper


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Copper and Nickel Mining in Minnesota (UMD)


Ely's Jay Mackie speaks on Ely and mining.


Ely's Bill Erzar speaks on impact of mining on schools


Iron Range Politician Tommy Rukavina Talk defends Taconite mining


Ely, Minnesota -- Ely Miners Memorial


Green Decoys


Is Mining Important?


Mining: Our Past, Present and Future


Minnesota Iron Mining Process


Stossel: Baby Salmon Threatened


Polymet's Brad Moore at Ely Tuesday Group June 18, 2013


Senator Justin Eichorn Discussing Wild Rice Sulfate Standard Bill - May 2018


On natural resources: Kurt Daudt makes his first floor speech since being elected Speaker to urge support for the Line 3 replacement pipeline.


John Stossel - Green Tyranny: The Job Killers


Minnesota Governor Candidate Tim Walz Attacks Rural Minnesota as "Mostly Rocks and Cows"