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String Figures

The eskimos do it, pygmies in Africa do it, South Sea islanders do it, Native Americans do it, Europeans do it. In some cultures performing string figures are play for both children and adults, in others they are connected with religion, story telling or magic. String figures are made around the world; hundreds of patterns have been recorded. 

Animation of opening A Many figures start with the Opening A shown here. After tying together the ends of a six foot long string;

  1. On each hand, loop the string across the palm and behind the thumb and little finger. 
  2. Place the right index finger under the palm string on the left hand. Draw the loop out by separating your hands. 
  3. Place your left index finger under the section of palm string between the strings on the right index. Separate your hands to draw out the loop.
Here are instructions to perform some figures;

Jacob's Ladder

Two Mountains and a Stream

Walking Sticks

Fleeting Glimpse > String Figures