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This is the return of the SpotLight photo page that once was a part of the old website.  It will once again hold those photos from contributors that once were posted on the main front page but the person does not have a page in the Photo Directory.

Feb. 2010 - Contributed by Ed Hopcus - 388th SPS

OPS Bldg personnel -  Dec. 1, 1975

Courtesy of MSgt. Katie Pletcher Meyers, USAF, Ret. INTEL. OPS. @ Ft. Apache 1974-1975

Gregory Ludtke submission appeared on main page from April 2010 to July 2010.

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The following is a portion of an email from Jerry Gossett, a fellow

462 who was at Korat 71-72 and again in '73:

I may even have one of the best Roscoe photos out there.
One of the waitresses at the NCO club annex (we called it the Nit Noy
club) knew the dog very well and posed with Roscoe on the sidewalk out
side of the club. Her name was Suppamaut Seelow. She came from Camp
Friendship, where she was a waitress, shortly after I arrived there in
'71. She was one of the nicest, prettiest, smartest, most articulate
people I ever knew. I was absolutely gaga over her. She was the only Thai
that could pronounce an 'r' sound and spoke excellent english. She was a
Morman convert who loved anything american. I would love to know what
happened to her. She knew all about Roscoe's story, and it was clear to
me that Roscoe knew her as well. A couple of years before I got there,
Suppamaut was badly injured in an accident where her leg was crushed. She
was very well liked by the officers and was flown in the commanders plane
to a hospital to get her leg repaired. If you look closely at the Roscoe
photo, you will be able to see that one of her legs is slightly
different." ...


Do YOU have any comments about Suppamaut to fill in the story started by Jerry?  Contact Bob if you have something to add..

Jerry has apage but this explanation and question does not appear there.  As of 10/31/2010, we had not recieved any answers so send 'em if you got 'em!!

Michael Hall sent this photo  after his comments in the Guestbook:

"Great site!!! I served at Korat dec 72-73 I was the base Munitions Supply Officer, worked for the 388th mms. You sure have lots of great pictures. Anybody know these guys?

... taken in June of 73 at korat. The one in question was taken in the officers housing area. The guy with the hat was a captain in the air traffic control section.  They called him P-y."

Bob if you can ID any of these guys.

Michael Hall's photo removed from Main page 1/22/2011.

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