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July 25, 2016

The Vietnam War Years of
Korat Royal Thai Air Base

Always looking for "new" photos, film, and audio from your days at Korat, and especially for film of Roscoe that some of you out there might have taken.


Please contact me if you can help!

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Can YOU Help?

1.  Looking for info and pictures about the "Fort Roundeye" compound that housed our WAF personnel.  Please contact Bob (korat70 at gmail) if you can help. Thanks!


2 . Every so often, I receive requests from people (mostly former Korat base inhabitants) looking for information about people, places, situations, medical , etc. that I cannot answer, but some of you out there might be able to assist these folks.  I  created a page where these requests are placed so that you can look at them and see if you know how to help them out.  It is located under the COMMUNICATE directory at the top left of this page.  Thank you!


Two examples of Bush Hats seen around Korat.  Paul DeGaeta provided these images via Larry Westin, who said:


Paul DeGaeta sent me this about the bush hats, and asked if I publish to mention his work:

 "Again you're welcome to use it. If you do, it would be great if you could  mention my research for a chapter I'm doing on tracing the history of the Vietnam war by examples of Bush Hats. That hats are easier to find then the owners stories...

"I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who wore one of these Bush Hats or hauled one home as a souvenir from Korat or any of the other Thai or Vietnam bases (I have examples from Takhli,  Udorn and U-Tapau that has a Guam tab which means the owner was involved with B-52s that flew from both locations). I'd like to know anything they can tell me about them. Was it an individual purchase or a unit, esprit de corps thing. I'd like to know how and where they bought them, what they cost, how many of the locals made them, what customized options they offered as well as anyone who designed any novelty / unofficial patches for them. I'd also love some scans of pictures of them being worn..."


Contact Bob (korat70 at gmail) for Paul's email address.  I removed it so he would not get SPAMMED

Fort Roundeye photo Copyright 2010 Alan Burch. Used with permission