The Vietnam War Years of

Korat Royal Thai Air Base

Pilot Business Cards


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A few years ago, one of my contributors included copies of two "business cards" that had been given to his father by the pilots of aircraft he supported in the perfomance of his duties.  I didn't get around to doing anything with them until I came across them early in 2010 and now my curiousity has gotten the better of me and I want to put them on a page and ask our visitors to send in more that they might have to be added to the page.  Also, any background on how the practice started and any supporting facts would also be worth posting.  Can YOU help??

 front side D.L. Burney card - source: Bill Stolte via Shane Stolte

 back side of D.L. Burney card.  source:Bill Stolte via Shane Stolte

John Smith card.  source: Dave McNeil