The Vietnam War Years of

Korat Royal Thai Air Base

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Links to Korat / Thailand related sites

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Jack Phillips' 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era :
The American Forces Thailand Network website:


John Sweet's Web Site:

Craig Baker's F-105 Web Site:

Society of Wild Weasels web site:

Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base combined website:

Larry Westin's BATCAT pages:

Fes Canady's Korat pages:

John Ellis' Thailand Pages

Bob Penoyer's Home Page with Korat and Off-Base sections

Yahoo KoratRTAFB page for chat and other messages.

This Is The American Forces Thailand
Songs from SEA (compiled by Kenneth G. White)


The students of The Brenham Community Center (Texas) work on a project that has used some of our resources, and in return provided the following resource for your use.  Thank you Denise Chapman and class!  The link is HERE

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Geocities was shutdown in 2009.  The following sites were on there and I am looking to see where
they might have relocated to following the shutdown.  A group took over trying to restore the websites that lived on GeoCities, but have renamed it ReoCities.  The links below point to the restored sites that have been archived there to maintain the data.

Gene Carlson's UnOfficial 355TFW Web Site:  (updated 5/30/2018)
The Thud Ridge Web Site: