National Guards
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  State Guard Association of the U.S. (SGAUS) Ribbon Chart web site:

List of NG Attachments   with pictures of them 

National Guard Ribbon by the Numbers

Not all widths/colors may be accurate. I built them using Greg W Ogletree's N.G. Book and  John Royston's Charts . They do not give the different shades of color and if I don't have an example Ribbon to compare with a Pantone book, I would adlib.
Greg listed width's that he had examples of at the time, newer Ribbon in many cases can be different, usually the normal 1.375 width

See: Examples  for a chart that shows this

At the time I made all the NG charts I did not know that that was the easy part, the hard part is keeping up with them.
Also my charts are a work in progress and are not meant to be taken as up to date and accurate to date,
as for the most part, I never had the Award Docs to start with nor updated ones to help me stay current
I thought that as my charts were seen, that corrections or assistance would be forth coming, that never happened.
Another example is:
After I made my chart, I found NY G website-, they make a distinction between State and Guard.
State at-
So this confused me as to which is National and which is State.
So, I think what they call State is National and what they call Guard is State.
So in my database, I use SG as that is what they do instead of NG, which is what all the others use.

Some States use for their State's [ non-Federal ] Military, the words "State Guard", "State Defense Force", State Military Reserve", "Defense Force", etc.