Different versions of the same ribbons
[ as well as users of ribbon ]
This page is intended to show some variation in Ribbon widths and colors I have in my collection.
The purpose of this is to deal somewhat with the Question " Is it an original ribbon" and also with varations from different batches,
made at different times or by different Manufactures,
WB4021, used by CA. N.G. as a Service Medal ribbon, both "original" to when they were issued.
I say all this because it comes up with Ribbon Collectors mainly, the Medal Collectors and others seem to not usually think about it the same way nor seem to care as much about all the variety of Ribbons with normal Medal Collecting.
And for those out there looking for an excuse to start a fight, I don't have time for it,
but if ones is willing to share their information on this topic that is useful for whoever reads this and has an interest, I would be delighted to hear whatever it is.

See below for a dialogue on this issue

The Ribbons shown are but a few of the examples I have, everytime I get a new batch from somewhere, new varieties show up.
Also as stated on the top of pages of copies of Wolf-Brown charts that I have
"Colors on this chart may vary in shades from the actual ribbon due to one being of printed matter and the other of a dyed rayon material"
I would think this illustrates that for some, color has been an issue for some time.

Same Ribbon- Different user see below

top is Type 2, bottom is Type 1,
center Current

CA. N.G. Service Medal
WB 4021
Colors, width differ
Bottom is older-Center newest-Yellow vs Orange

NJ. N.G. Recruiting
4 types-Colors, width differ

NJ. N.G.
Good Conduct
Colors differ
bottom is GRACO R#1049

Coast Guard Auxillary

Coast Guard Auxillary

Colors differ-Top is newest-11/2011
NG CA. S.M.R. Achievemen-Meritorious Achievement Medal
NG GA. S.D.F. Unit Comm. Awd.. (Frame)
NG IN. G.R. Achievement Ribbon
NG MA. S.G. Meritorious Achievement Ribbon
NG WA. N.G. Unit Citation Award
NG WA. N.G. Unit Citation Award-Var.2=Frame

Colors differ-Top is newest-11/2011
Green vs Green
Society       NRA Yellow Awards
Society         Polish War Veterans
USANG CA Recruiting Achievement 
USANG WA ANG Victory Ribbon 
USASch-AFROTC Chennault Trophy

CA. N.G. Outstanding Unit Citation
Colors differ
Bottom is newest-top,Center older
Yellow vs Orange on bottom

Military O/O the Loyal Legion
top is older Ribbon-35mm
bottom is new and is 36mm

Civil War, 1st Type
Colors and some widths differ
appears different makers-newer type for both

Top oldest
4 NG users

MD. N.G. 
Outs. Unit Award
Colors, width differ
Top is older-Gold vs Orange

England 1914-15 Star

Society of American Military Enginners
1.50in at top
current below

Civil Air Patrol
Cadet Orientation Pilot=
Cadet Recruiter Ribbon=

1=Sons of American Revolution (Senior ROTC) -Vanguard
3=American Veterans of WW2 (AMVETS)-Vanguard
5=DAR Jr. ROTC-Vanguard

WB3713/GRACO R#1154
bottom is oldest, N.S. Meyer flat style
5 different version, color varation and widths
19 NG users, mainly as 
Active Duty Basic Tng. Ribbon

Civil Air Patrol
Old Red Service Ribbon

WW1 Belgian Croix de Guerre
different color shades

Civil Air Patrol
Leadership Ribbon
Colors shades

Army of Cuban Occupation
6 different makes, shades of Red-Blue & Yellow-Orange and some width of Stripes

WW1 Victory Medal ribbon from 40mm on right to 37mm on left., all Foreign made+

Civil Air Patrol Recruiter Ribbon

In response to a question about the CAP Recruiter Ribbon ABOVE.
Difference in shades of Blue and Red as well as in widths of the segments.

There is 5 different versions of the Cloth Cadet Recruiter Ribbon above, the plastic-Top left-  that I have is a lighter shade of Blue,
the bottom left has the CAP order #C.A.P.-022 on the back [ from my experience is Vanguard, now the sole provider of CAP items] ,
the next up has G27 [ Graco Awards, Inc. ] , next up has no marks.
The bottom right cut is from a newer batch of Ribbon from Vanguard and the top cut is an unknown maker that I have.

As the top of this page talks of, most every time a Ribbon is made [ unless it is a Mil-Spec Ribbon ] there tends to be variations
in color [ as well as widths for each segment in some cases ] as the page shows with examples.
So to say that one is older or ??? would mean that you would have to have an example of the ribbon when it first came out with detailed order sheets specifying the color dyes and widths to compare against. Also be aware that older dyes are no longer allowed as they were considered harmful to the environment.
The newer ones are thus different in how they reflect color due to its base makeup and I have been told that the dye process is like a work of Art, different  many times for a variety of reasons, Quality control, pride in ones work, Craftsmanship, etc..
The ribbon a person has could be an old one for them but may be a variation made after the 1st ones, and since I have never found, nor other long time collectors, the person who knows or collected all 1st generation examples with detailed order sheets, it is all a matter of preference unless one can prove what they think.

The one I have, has been around for some time and is a lighter Blue.
One way to tell age is if the mounting Metal is Steel, for older WW2 ribbons when Brass was needed elsewhere or has an Aluminum mount from the 60-70's when due to the price of cooper it was cheaper to use. Also with a maker's mark, as G27, that one knows went out of business some time back, as Wolf-Brown [W22, WB22, WB22-GI, Wolf Brown 22 GI, WB].

But one can always take apart an older Ribbon and put newer cloth on older mounts, meaning don't pay extra just because it appears older.
I have many older Ribbons and sometimes get Ribbon by the piece and use up the older mounts for the new ribbon, I am not trying to fool anyone, it is just re using unwanted material for another purpose.
I never thought that someone would get one of these Ribbons and think that because the mounting metal was older, that then the Ribbon was older

So really if it makes one happy to have one color vs another, that is the standard for them and is just as valid as any other criteria.

Also, this Ribbon was not just for the CAP,  the following used/use it.
CALIFORNIA Cadet Corps #42 Orienteering Training Ribbon
CALIFORNIA SMR Emergency Services Training Ribbon
GEORGIA State Defense Force Emergency Service School
MASSACHUSETTS State Guard Emergency Service Training Ribbon
** PHILIPPINES Distinguished Service Star, Type 1
[ **  some US makers supplied many other countries with Ribbons, etc. where the US had an interest , especially from my experience South America with items from N.S. Meyers]
We give them Aid money/Support and thus for varied reasons they bought US items.

Same Ribbon- Different user
Both Wolf-Brown and NS Meyers as well as present day Vanguard=http://www.vanguardmil.com/ribbons-medals-vanguard-color-ribbon-chart-c-9_2250.html     as of 03/05/2013
GRACO    =http://www.gracoind.com/pss/ribbons.htm                                                                               as of 03/05/2013
had/have color charts where one could pick a ribbon and use it for their own purpose.
As can be seen, 1 ribbon with multi names can happen easily.