Science Fiction Novels by Will Hubbell

Cretaceous Sea begins with a vacation to an extraordinary place.  An interior seaway covered much of North America 65 million years ago.  An island there would have been an idyllic spot.  One could sit on the sandy beach of a tropical sea and watch the sun set behind the Rocky Mountains.

For a million Euros, Peter Green offers a chair on that beach and all the champagne you can drink.  His Montana Isle Resort is a little rustic, but the setting is spectacular.  There's a catch, of course.  Not even Mr. Green knows about it.  Sixty-five million years ago, the world nearly ended, and Montana Isle is at Ground Zero.

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Sea of Time continues the lives of Rick and Con, the two main characters in Cretaceous Sea.  In Sea of Time, Con is given a chance to undo her husband's murder by changing history.  She journeys to the future to "restore history to its proper course" and ends up wreaking havoc.  As she attempts to reverse the damage, her circumstances become ever more bizarre.  When Con is finally reunited with her husband, she is a complete stranger to him.  By then, she knows reality is conditional and liable to change at any instant.

This tale of a 520 million year journey spans the distant future to the prehistoric past.  The reader encounters the paradoxes resulting from time travel, the dinosaurs of the Jurassic plains, a drug company that creates viruses to increase its profits, and a society where the elites have been genetically engineered into a separate species.

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