End Time Ailments And Conditions Newsaholic - compulsive cunsoption of prophecy related news. this person is constantly scouring the news website for the next big end time story.

simptumes: treatment: Prophecy Denialitous -- refuses to believe we're nearing the end times

Bible Malnourishment-- doesn't know enough to have an opinion John 3:16

Obsessive-Compulsive Mark Disorder -- thinks EVERY type of identification is the Mark of the Beast--even a gym card.

Conspirarrehea -- A chronic and progressive problem in which the subject begins to care more about conspiracies than they do the Word of God. They begin to lose trust in God's power, believing that the imagined conspirators are truly the ones calling all the shots.

Date Setters Syndrome -- has it all figured out

Rapture Rabies -- Barks and foams at the mouth at very mention of the words pretribulation rapture

Tribulation Maniac -- a delusional state that causes people to look forward to the tribulation

Wrath of God Rash -- this is where someone believes all negative occurrences are part of God's end time judgment Anti-christphobia -- Condition which causes suffers to declare almost every world leader is the Antichrist.


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