Interesting E-mail I've Received

I've created this page to allow you folks an opportunity to read the same thought provoking information I receive everyday. I'll just say, "reader beware." Because whether or not an e-mail is from someone that agrees with me or disagrees, I will post their comments. The only e-mails I won't add to this web page are ones that use profanity or are way too long.

5 Aug

I just wanted to email you and tell you that I love your web site. I've been studying a lot about Bible Prophesy and I think you're right on the ball here. I also wanted to tell you that I'm sending my prayers to you. I hope that those left behind will be able to access your site. And the reason I say that is that there are a few people in my family who don't really believe that the rapture will happen so they are not ready. I pray for them so much and maybe with a few more prayers God will move them. Well, once again, I pray for you and I'll be keeping up with your news.
Since I was a little boy some "nutcase" or another, at the rate of about one per week has been predicting the end of the world. Now, 63 years later it still hasn't happened. I suggest you have your head examined. You are every bit as goofy as you look in your picture in Time magazine. Why don't you spend what "time you have left" doing something with your life.
Todd, I came across your site, just by typing in "the rapture" and going from there, I must confess that I am hungry for all information regarding this most wondrous event that I believe is the next event on God's calendar.  To all those unfortunate people who will most likely be "left behind" (judging by their comments) it may be of some help to leave a letter or information concerning what they will be facing in that seven year tribulation period of extreme suffering they will experience.  There could be no better proof as they will see that the information exactly details what will be unfolding right before their eyes!  I myself plan to do just that, one at my home, and one where I work.  Of course, I would prefer that all my family and friends get "Raptured" with me, but I know that will not be the case.  This letter will be there for them, telling them they do have one last chance to accept Christ, and be with Him for all eternity, and NOT TO TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!  May God bless you physically and spiritually as you continue to spread the message of salvation through your work! 
Dear Todd,
I was reading through your "Interesting Email" when I came across the one from a former Baptist, turned Catholic. The writer referred to John 17, and I quote, "Jesus prays to his Father that "WE ALL BE ONE AS HE AND THE FATHER ARE ONE"".

He said that this was proof that every faith will enter into the kingdom of heaven.

I am a former Catholic, so I can understand where the writer is coming from, however wrong he might be. As a rebuttal to the writer, I guess I would have to say that Jesus was praying for His diciples when He said these words, and he was praying that the eternal unity the Trinity experiences, so may believers. Believers are after all true diciples of Christ.

I would also point the writer to one verse that is a stumbling block to many Catholics...Ephesians 2:8-9, as well as most of Romans, especially 3:20 and 11:6.

He did hit on one truth about the Catholic faith. Speaking of statues (ie. saints, Mary, etc.), he said, "We also ask them to intercede for us before Jesus." Well, 1 Timothy 2:5 has his answer in twenty words of less.

As a Catholic, we were continually taught about the "faith" of the saints...after all, faith is their number one qualification for becoming a saint. However, it was the works, or as the writer said, "Sacraments", that would guarantee us a spot in the kingdom. I guess faith was only reserved for saints...we had to follow the laws of the church. Again I refer to Romans 3:20.

As diciples, who Jesus prayed would be one with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one of our major duties is to love people from all faiths and diligently and continually pray for them. Also, and most importantly, to share the Gospel with them at every opportunity. We do this, which is God's will, and Jesus' prayer in John 17 will surely be answered.

Hey todd, I just wanted to compliment you on a great site, I’m sure you get these kind of messages every day but you deserve them, you have put out so much good information to believers and non believers alike. You have so many pages of awesome information which is not only interesting but so relevant to the time which we are living in. I think it's safe to say that most Christians agree with you that we are living in the end times and your site is a great way for us to stay on top of world issues pertaining to the rapture and pre-tribulation events. I also have a question, im 16 and a relatively new Christian, I have so many friends living in sin and I know I need to share the gospel with them but it seems so hard and I don't know how they will react to me telling them all that I know, I’m nervous to share it to them and I know I shouldn’t be but I’m am afraid of the persecution (which God told us we would get in the Bible) im not sure how to start in on the subject either, any advice would be great but if you don’t reply that is defiantly understandable because of all the work you must put into this site, keep up the good work brother.
Hi Todd, I just got done browsing through your Rapture Ready web page. I enjoyed reading it and I also came to realize that I need to get myself and my family back to God! I have allowed myself to slip away from God and I am ashamed. When i was reading your page i was actually getting scared due to the fact If I should die where would I spend eternity? Well i know where and I definately dont want to go there. I want to go to Heaven!!! I want my family to go to Heaven. Well I am confessing to you and also to God that i need to repent and change my life to live for God again. I see that now is the time. I want to thank you for sharing your page with me. I found it while reviewing the articles of the Left behind books. Again i will add your page to my favorites and refer to it often. Thanks and God Bless!!!    
You evangelicals are completely out of your mind if you think that the new testament is to be taken so literally.  If you had any idea of the context in which these documents were written you would see how uterly foolish this site and this line of thinking is.  Heck, Paul himself thought (mistakenly) that the second coming was at hand in his day. The new testament (7 of Paul's letters aside) is a collection of psuedonymous writings, backdated by later Christians and addressing political issues of thier own times.  It is beyond me how you can exist in the midst of such a vast sea of historical knowledge and fact surrounding new testament and early Christian origins and still believe things the silly way you do.  I believe Early Christian fathers are viewing you and shaking their heads in despair at how misquided your are and how misinterpreted by you they are. If you really followed the true pattern of the scriptures, you would realize that God uses LIVING PROPHETS, not their writings, to establish the truth of his word.  If you are so intent on warning people, why don't you step back off of your "book worship" for long enough to recognize that god is "quick" (ALIVE) and powerful!  When the Father of Jesus Christ announced his beloved Son, he said, "HEAR HIM", not "read him".  Tell people that there are living prophets and apostles in our day to guide them and give them the truth about the Savior and his gospel.  vistit and find the truth.  Oh, that's right, I'm sorry, you evangelicals are too busy printing false trash about Joseph Smith to take the time to seriously consider the question: "If Almighty God was speaking to living prophets again in our day, isn't it worth it to objectively  investigate? "  You just go on, in your own little ridiculous fantasy world and wait to be taken by Christ in the "rapture" to live with him in eternity as a little bodiless cloud or whatever for all time.  Meanwhile, we Mormons will just hang out with our wives and families for eternity, kickin back with God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ in Eternal bliss. LATE
Todd  Hi, even though im just a teen(14) i have some things to say. i have read some of the e-mails that you post up for people to read. I'm surprised at the number of people who don't believe the rapture will take place. it makes me very sad to know those people wont be going when it takes place.  i enjoy your web site. i come here when i have questions about end times. Thank you
The reason the times of today seem like "the end times" is because we are getting ready to disprove this scam of religion. Everything in the book will happen, word for word, and rapture, no Christ return, no Kingdon come, nothing. Then after those chains are broken and the myths exposed, I will head a revolution, starting right here in the Big-O moving on outward. The inner circles of the Fed's, the Govt., and all the current powers that be from all around the world know this, and so I say to you, "sorry, because I know how much you've suffered in this life, and how much you want everything to end and for others to suffer, but this is not the rapture, Armageddeon, Christ’s return, etc." The only thing that will end is the world rule of the Jews. Good Luck.
Dear Todd, How are you? I hope that all is well with you and your family. I am very impressed with your site. I enjoy the Humor Break, especially. I am glad that you have taken it upon yourself to bring prophecy to the world's attention. As a college student, I have noticed that the buzz on my campus steers towards the Return of Christ. The college is a Catholic one, which is great. I am a Lutheran, but consider myself a Christian first. I just finished reading the "Interesting Emails" list and would like to respond to the Baptist-turned-Catholic during the week of July 15.    This person has shown a fervor for his or her faith is hard to find in these days. I appreciate it. However, I have a problem with the fact that he or she said that all Protestants are going to be left behind. Who is to say? I was raised to believe that if you have made the decision to follow Christ, you were saved. If you followed Him in all things, you would never walk alone. This has been the belief in my family for many years. My mother was raised in a hell-fire-damnation Baptist church. She left. Her reasons were much like the readers: she wanted a more meaningful faith. I am glad that she did. I love the Catholic faith. It is a faith steeped in tradition and love. I have studied various faiths and have found that the seven sacraments are the biggest controversy that divides us. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 1:13, "Can Christ be divided into pieces?" This was written in response to reports that Paul had heard. Of course, Christ can not be divided into pieces. He is a part of God Himself. The basic principle is the same in the Christian faith: Christ died for you. Only He can save you. Confess your sins and turn to Him. If you believe in Him, He will save you. All the arguing about doctrines and who is right is really not important. What is important is the relationhip with a man who died on a Hill over 2000 years ago to save us. Thanks for letting me air my opinions.:) I hope that you will keep up the good work. Take care and God Bless! In Christ,
Hi Todd God's truth is no nonsense. Your site brings that out well - and so far I've only read 2%. Dan Corner hits home on Eternal Security - I've never looked at it that way. On Choosing Satan  - Your third reason for people choosing Satan speaks of people who 'think' they are with Jesus. I see value in clarifying this more to embrace those who have been 'properly'  saved and believe it (even if they did not feel different) but who have since died in sin (especially sexual immorality) and not been fully re-saved (AGAIN) or who keep dying and occasionally or partly repenting. This may not be too lucid as I am thinking through this issue and my behavior as I type. Such a path is a much easier than the road of no intransigence and real immediate repentance when we slip. I will keep reading Thanks

15 July

I'm so thankful you started this website.  It has been a true blessing to me.  I don't have a lot of people who will discuss the rapture and pre-trib topics with me.  I enjoy the bulletin board very much and thank your staff for that.  I have only been reading the RR website for a couple of weeks.  I already feel I'm part of a new family.

  Keep up the good work.  I'll be praying for you.  Thank you so much for the work you do on this site.  I appreciate it greatly!!  
What a great web site! I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work and not let your detractors get you down. The truth of Jesus Christ WILL prevail!!!

I am anxiously awaiting the rapture along with millions of other believers but there is one thing I have often wondered and even worried about. You know how everyone remembers what they were doing and where they were when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, when Martin Luther King was shot, when we found out Elvis died, when the space shuttle blew up, when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, etc., etc., etc. These events have become a sort of common touchstone among American who experienced them.

Well, I believe it will be much the same for all believers who get raptured. We will spend eternity in heaven comparing notes on where we were, what we were doing, and who we were with when we got raptured. My greatest fear is that when asked, I will have to spend eternity saying something embarrassing like, "Well, I was sitting on the john. I reached for the toilet paper and suddenly..........poof......."

Or maybe, "I was having an argument with my spouse," or "There I was having a pap smear," or some such personally embarrassing thing, or, heaven forbid, committing some terrible sin. Do you think the good Lord will arrange it so that when the time comes, none of us will be caught with our "pants down" so to speak??? I for one certainly hope so. After all no one, including Christians, is perfect or even presentable all the time.

Anyway, was just wondering if you or anyone else had any thoughts on the subject. In the meantime keep on preaching the Gospel brother and and we'll see you in heaven and compare notes on "where we were and what we were doing"!!!

The rapture: Proof negative that "everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die." Oh ye rapturians, oh ye suckers.
I was absolutely impressed by your website.  I was, however even more blown away at some of the e mails that you receive.  First of all, Psalms reminds us that "...the fool says in his heart 'there is no God'".  You know, it takes more faith to discount or disprove God than just to simply believe?  I saw a bumper sticker that said, "If you're living like there is no God you'd better be right!"  How true!   You provide more factual information that any other source I have come across in a long time.  In reading this, I know your heart.  Your heart is one that says, "I'm not going to stand over you and prove that God is real and that Jesus is returning, I'm merely going to provide facts in history that have happened and compare them with the Bible and let you make your own decision."    I just have one question for anyone who claims to be atheist, or even someone who refuses to accept the loving forgiveness of Jesus....   Let's suppose for a minute that you're right and I'm wrong.  Let's suppose for a minute that there is no God, no Jesus, no Heaven and no Hell and that we're all here by some accidental circumstance and when this life is over-its over.  I must then ask you what have I to lose?  I've lived my life in a pursuit of a purpose, joy, contentment, and honor.  I've lived my life with the objective to serve others rather than myself.  And when this life is over, its over.  I don't have regrets.   OK, now let's suppose for a minute that I'm right and you're wrong.  Then, my friend you have everything to lose.    Jesus will return.  There will be those left behind.  But the worst part of this calamity is that no one has to be left behind.  No one has to go through the "hell on earth" that will ensue after the rapture.  Jesus promises us that if we call on his name, we will be saved.  God is not an ogre in the sky - quite the contrary.  He loves us so much that He sent a part of Himself to die for us - Sinners!  We don't deserve that, but He did it anyway.    In closing think of this.  The Bible tells us that everyone will die.  The ratio is pretty significant.  1 out of 1 dies.  And after this death we are told that we will face a judgment.  For the believer in Christ, they will stand before the BEMA judgment.  This is where Christians will receive rewards for the things they did in their lifetime that honored Christ.   But the non believer will have to stand before the GREAT WHITE THRONE judgment.  This is a place where they will have to answer for every evil word, thought, intent, and action that they ever committed while in this life.  No one has to answer for their sin.  Salvation is a free gift.
Hello Todd. You seem like a well meaning fellow and all but the thing that makes all of this quite illogical is this: You say "God" ( and I use that term loosely ) wants all people to repent of their sins and misdeeds. To reach "salvation" one must have faith and repent and all of that. Wait a second here. If there really is a God, one who is all-powerful, all knowing, all this, all that, who had no beginning and will have no end, what would he care if people repented or not? That is, if he even created them in the first place. If he had to concern himself with all of that trouble, wouldn't he have just skipped that part of creation? Wouldn't he say "To heck with mankind, they're not worth all the trouble in the first place." And what would God care what I or anybody else believes? He'll continue being God without regard for me or anyone else. Are you saying I'll ruin his existence if I don't repent or believe? I hardly think so. I'd be just another atom in the universe to him. You see, it makes no difference either way. He either does not exist ( which is highly probable ) or does exist but doesn't care about anyone because he is God. One more thing that is disturbing. Just who created God anyway??? Don't give me that " it's just a mystery" stuff either. It is totally illogical and senseless in addition to impossible that he never had a beginning or will have no end. Best regards, Lou
Todd .. I am going to keep this email short and sweet. THANK YOU for your website. I cannot stop reading. My eyes are burning. I am tired.... yet I cannot stop reading. Wow! You and your site are awesome. Keep up the blessed work!!!!
Hello:           You people have been saying the same stuff since the Reformation.        Protestant ...Win, Catholics, Jews, and everyone who isn't protestant....Lose. I was born and raised in Kentucky. A staunch Southern Baptist. Sunday morning Sunday School, Sunday Service, Sunday night service, Bible study every Wednesday night. I did it all and heard it all. Most of all,  I heard how we were the only ones going to heaven. Everyone else was bound for hell. In 1973 I became a Catholic. I discoverd a God who loves me and a Spirit who guides. I did not go in to the Catholic blindfolded nor did anyone brow beat me at the alter. I read every book I could get my hands on. None of them told me that only Catholics were going to heaven. What I learned was the true meaning of John 17. Look it up.................Jesus prays to his Father that  "WE ALL BE ONE AS HE AND THE FATHER ARE ONE"  Until  you and your Protestants friends understand what that means , you most certainly will be left behind. I read one of your responses, where the man was so upset that the poor Jews were going to hell because they didn't except Jesus as the Messiah. Remind that idiot that it's the Jews who own the tree of life. We are only grafted on to it. The Jews will be judged by the Law of Moses. And there will be plenty of them in Heaven. So don't feel sorry for the Jews. You can bet that if Jesus was here today, He would be going to the synagogue Saturday morning. And finally, Catholics do not worship statues. They remind us to imulate the holiness of the person represented in the statue. Do you have pictures of relatives in  your house? Do you worship them? No! but you do honor them and try to immitate their goodness. Same with Catholics. We also ask them to intercede for us before Jesus. Just like we ask out mother to go to our father  if we want something.  Why make fun of the Sacrements, they we given to us by Christ himself. And just one last thing. Who did Jesus gives the keys of His church to? Peter!!!!!! And who was the first Pope?  Peter!!!!!  Read John 17..........over and over and over until it sinks in what it really means.    
This is one of the best Christian web sites I have ever viewed! Keep up the good work!
I recently saw something about your site and the Index in TIME and on TV. I find your site so horrific in its narrowmindedness it's actually amusing. What is the point of worrying about a "Rapture" when we should be spending our time being good human beings, i.e. doing what we can for the good of others, with compassion and love? Even the Gospel of St. Matthew says, "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself'. I am a Catholic, and a foreigner (European) in this country and am horrified by the kind of brainwashing that occurs through conservative Christian Protestant media machinery, from weird TV evangelists ("Touch...!") to world-bashing radio stations (Warren Duffy in Los Angeles) to ridiculous books like these Left Behind ones (poor trees that had to be felled to print these - now there's a sin for you!).
I am curious as to your real agenda. If someone were to contiunually push the coming of the tooth fairy, one would wonder if that person were a dentist. The tooth fairy about has as much reality to it as the "rapture". What do you have to gain from perpetuating this myth grown out of a collection of stories of the relationship of a group of people and their personal god? The "rising from the dead and returning and the evil one being chained and the unfaithful suffering " is just about as unworthy of belief as any idea dreamed up my man. Devised to keep man "in line", the religion that produced it has committed as many crimes against humanity as any singular human, far from creating peace on earth , has been responsible for the most inhumanity to man throughout human history.
Let me see if I have this straight...An all powerful God creates the universe, and then creates man, and then mates with a human woman, and then allows his "son" to be killed, so that he can forgive everyone.....Why on earth would an all powerful god need to do that?  Sounds like a barbaric religion to me.  And this rapture nonsense??? Wow.  Get a life man. 
1 July

I learned more from you about religion, the bible, prophecy, one afternoon browsing your site than I have learned from my Catholic priest in thirty odd years of homilies and catechism.  Keep it up.

Greetings Todd, I wanted to write you a short note thanking you for your scholarship & your labors in helping to prepare Christians for Jesus' return. I am also a big fan of the Left Behind series & am anxiously awaiting the next book. The premise of the book is a fictional account (a dramatization if you will) of the events of the End Time. The story is wonderful in that it teaches and gives an account of how the tribulation period will effect us on Earth. I do not believe as you do & the authors of the Left Behind series do about the pre-tribulation rapture. I can accept that it is a "possibility" but have always leaned towards a post-trib rapture based on what I have read in newsgroups, websites, etc from people much more knowledgable than I. I can't quite figure out why there is the animosity between many of the pre & post trib believers. That is not to say that it is not important whether believers are raptured before or after the tribulation period... but it is not as important (in my opinion) as "being right with Jesus" in the here & now. Being prepared for his coming (whenever it is). For me, if the Rapture occurs (like in Left Behind) unexpectedly, in an instant... it will be obvious what happened. I will either be in a spiritual body with our Father or here watching the news on TV. The idea of the tribulation period to come (if I were left behind) would indeed be very frightening. I can say now though, as sincerely as I can- that I would choose fighting against the Anti-Christ & probable martyrdom before forsaking the Lord. The story of the Left Behind novels and websites like yours will be valuable tools for those people (myself possibly included) that were not judged worthy of being raptured (if there is a pre-trib rapture). I am watching world events like are many million others, looking for the signs. Your website is helpful to many of us who believe in some scenario for the End Times before HIS return.
I was very sad to see the article in time this week regarding the apocalypse, I am a catholic, believe in god and always have believe the end will come (and was raised to believe that it is not our job to predict when it will happen)! I really think in all the turmoil today that this kind of article will only push the wrong message!  we need to believe that people can make peace and that the end is not the answer to the problem!  it is time for us the people of the world return to the old ways and believe that we can all get along, I raise my family to believe in the good of others and that the things that happen are because the so called bad people of this world have not been raised to love their fellow mankind!.  it is a shame that the focus of the people is on the end when it should be on getting along with each other. believer in others ability to get along
Todd- I just wanted to say how my heart goes out to everyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ, but especially to our Jewish brothers and sisters.  It is sad to know that down through history they have continually rejected Him as their Messiah, when God was willing that He should place His own Son right in their midst.  And yet how great the love of God is that He continually tries to draw them to Himself through Jesus.  I love them because whether they know it or not they are the roots of our Christian heritage.  We also know that during the tribulation He will be making further overtures to those He lovingly calls His "chosen" people.  So if I love God and I do, I am compelled to love my Jewish brethren.  I am concerned for our own nation that we are becoming calloused toward Israel.  For I know that God wishes us to pray for the peace of Israel.  And no where did I feel more at "home" than when a few years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to visit Israel.  It is so different than where I was raised in the green hills of the Ozarks but the rugged terrain captured my heart because I know that when the Lord returns, Jerusalem will be the capital of His kingdom.  So to my fellow Christian friends, even though there are many Jews who do not accept Christ at this time, let us not lose heart to pray for those who one day may become tired of the taste the world leaves in their mouths and desire to search for the real truth that is only found in the Word of God and in the person of Jesus Christ.  See you here, there or in the air
What’s the date for the Second Coming ? That one’s easy to answer… NEVER! All the dates you annotate on your website have proved false — and will continue to be so. The world is morally no better (and no worse) then in previous eras. The September 11 attack was of course unforgivable, but less appalling than the first nuclear bomb exploded over Hiroshima. That really was an apocalyptic event.
Dear Todd, Today I saw an article written in Time magazine and your web site address and thought I would respond.  I enjoyed the article and seeing the word Apolcalypse Greek meaning - "Lifting of the veil."  One other quote from a woman mentioned in the same article - "When Christ returns, every eye shall see Him." I am a Reiki Master and part of my work is balancing the energy fields and chakra centers of people.  We have a center in the forehead (Spiritual Eye/Mind's Eye) that when opened helps the individual develop their Spiritual Divine Sight as more LIGHT enters and the ill-us-ions  (sick atoms) that they have created about their life dissolve.  This we would also phrase as "Lifting of the Veil."  When the veil is lifted, one can truly SEE the truth, rise above the duality of thinking, and connect more firmly with the CHRIST Consciousness of Unconditional Love. Perhaps the New World will be the opening of these spiritual centers in man (7 Chakras) that will then change the entire structure of our evolving consciousness and living then from that Center of Love and in a Higher State of Mind.  Could the Seven Seals in Revelation be the opening of the Seven Chakra's in Man?  When these chakra's are in a clearing process, the Ego surrenders more and more fully and finally one's Spirit comes back into proper alignment with the higher part of their own Higher BE-ing and oneness with Source/God.  This may be referring to the term living "Heaven on Earth."  The cleansing that is taking place around the world in every sector is helping to release the negative energy and awaken mankind to remember his TRUTH.  The fall of the TWIN Towers symbolized the fall of DUAL thinking in man and that this planet must return to the remembrance that ALL IS ONE (As Above, So Below) and interconnected - we are all EARTH CITIZENS.  We have been out of BALANCE way to long and the pendulum is swinging back.  Everything must come back into BALANCE including people.  The magnetics of the planet is shifting and this is also causing human's to shift.  The End Times perhaps signifies the end of the old way of being/thinking/acting which is directly connected with the EGO/FEAR based decisions that human's have survived on and will be replaced by living life from a LOVE/SPIRIT base that is the GLUE of the Universe.
Yeah, I saw the link to your site in a news article. I must admit while your site is interesting and amusing, there are a few things wrong with it. First off, the section called "What would they say now?" is very ... how do I say this... big headed of you. How could you possibility guess what such figures like Einstein and Edison had to say? I say this with utmost respect towards you.

Another thing that can go is you're "my world" section. It completely defeats the purpose of the website.

One more section is the "The Mr. Antichrist Evil Pageant." This, again, is big-headed and ignorant. You say yourself that it could be anyone. I understand that it's supposed to be humorous, but I don’t find it all too funny.

Although I don’t believe in god or gods of any kind, I enjoyed your site. I'm not going to yell at you for putting information like this on the web because it gives people... information. I congratulate you on making this site.

Hi Todd, First I'd like to say your site is excellent, and a big thank you. I've been a believer (stumbling along) since I was 10 years old, but never well-versed enough to spread the word without sounding like a panicky ninny. Now, I can give unbelievers my short speech and refer them to your site.

Your site is very complete, and I agree with all of your writings. I have been watching world events lately, but noticed 10-15 years earlier the mini-atrocities committed by Muslim Extremists the world over. It was extremely frustrating to see/hear of women and children being hacked to death in Algeria, Rwanda, etc. - and these incidents would wind up on page 15 of The Los Angeles Times. It simply wasn't big enough news back then, but I literally felt the wickedness of these people and their actions. Now they have shown their true face to the world, and I firmly believe alot of these folks are Satan's lackeys. It also seems obvious to me that this group and their ilk will be the force that Christ will fight and defeat in the end times.

I won't waste any more of your time. I will be contributing financially to your cause (heck, you might just be Tsion Ben Judah- a very funny guy-from the Left Behind series).

Bless you Todd for doing God's work, and providing an excellent source for believers and non-believers alike. Godspeed!

Dear Todd, I stumbled on your web site yesterday, and I must say that it is the best site I have ever visited. You are going a good job and God will continue to bless you for it.
I'm going to have to start doing heroine. With people like this ( and the Taliban running around, the world has gotten way too whacked out for me.
Mr. Strandberg- I visited your site today out of curiousity after reading the Time article.  It's mind-boggling to me how much time you must have on hand.  In your 'spare' time, you might consider seeing a shrink and getting the help you need.  Thanks for adding to the insanity that's already threatening to unravel the threads of what's left of the world my kids live in; and for being phony enough to take it to the press you profess not to trust, but who are convenient enough to use when you need them.  Way to look honest.
24 June

I must admit that when I saw Time mention your website I thought "Oh no, a crazy bible thumper." So, I came to your site preparing to get angry at its content. Since, obviously, I'm not a Christian (or any religion) I was expecting to read all about how everyone was going to hell and that we are all terrible people. I have to give you a large, sincere apology. While I may not agree with much of anything that you believe, your expression of those beliefs was so honest and respectful (and even humorous) that there is no possible way anyone could take offense. You command, if nothing else, respect from all who visit your site for the way in which you speak of your beliefs and the veracity with which you believe them. It is always much harder to have faith in something, especially when many are adamant about its falseness, than it is to discount everything. You may very well be right but regardless I wish you the best. This is a remarkably interesting site, if for no other reason than the nonjudgmental way in which you present your truths. I wasted no time in book marking it and plan to visit it often. Thank You (and sorry for judging you),

I’m so sorry for myself and my family that I have to live on the same planet with such mad people who actually believe all this stuff. I hope that If Jesus the Christ does come bach to this sorry planet, which I doubt, he brings with him some real proof of his true identity, because the same bunch of lunatics who are alive today,will no doubt kill him again in the same fashion we are killing millions of people. For the sake of the innocent people who do infact love life,please stop the madness because all the lunatics will perish equally.  The worst fanatics are the religious ones.
Technology-enabled Nutballs -Lord save me... It's always amazing what people use the opportunity life represents -- historically, false doomsayers praying to false gods(s) are dime a dozen --is there nothing more productive to do in Nebraska?
It is so hard to find quality information and common-sense approaches to the murky waters of prophecy, written for us common folk, written by a believer without a string of theological degrees after his/her name.  I am what I call a simple Christian, one that believes 1) that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and 2) that I should be able to read/interpret what the Bible says by myself, without any learned assistance in "interpretation".

  If I understand correctly what happened on the first Pentecost, Christians were given the Holy Spirit, who would help us gain wisdom as we read and read again what the Bible says.  I hate to say this, but this acquired wisdom is not accompanied by tongues of fire or whirlwinds...most often, in my experience, it comes after wrestling with a concept, pondering my utter failure to understand...and then one day out of a clear blue, the answer pops up.  This always makes me smile one of those slow, knowing smiles...the answer was made known, and all I did was ask.  So much Bible, so little time...  

I have even gone so far as to banish cable from my house, lest I be tempted to believe anything reported in the official media...what a crock!  Ditto the newspapers.  Now I plow through tons of stuff on the Internet in an effort to be reasonably well informed.  As for commercial TV, I still have that silly convenience called an OFF button.  The devil's favorite ploy is deception, and the best lies are those that are mostly true.  We were promised deception.  One certainty is that Jesus Christ will return for His own at some time when many won't be watching, and try as I do to be ready, let's just say that I have a lot of work to do...the odd thing about committing to Christ is the realization of one's own sin nature and how pervasive it is.  Not a day passes that I don't think of the Cross and what was done for me, forgiveness for every sin I have already committed, and those I will commit.  To confess each and every one would take more time than I have life, but the presence of Christ in my life has made me very aware of my own unworthy nature. The knowledge that I can and have been forgiven is almost more than I can bear!

With the time left to me, I can try to overcome so that I can be taken from this world to meet Him when He comes.  Like you, the realization that I was saved was not accompanied by any radical, instantaneous changes, but more by realizing that I was not the creature I once was.  It's hard to even dream of being a butterfly when all you have ever been is a caterpillar.  The changes in my life are the indications that I am at least a different kind of caterpillar.

You are right on target and I love this sight.  I found it by listening to a radio program that mentioned this sight.  In your small voice, you're sending a big message. Thank God,  I can count myself among those that will be raptured.  Jesus died for my sins.
Well, well, well Mr. Todd I do have a lot of things to ask you but I'll stick to the main idea.  You have an obvious concern for Israel and the Jews (which Iam one), but in the same breath you call Jews "non-believers"?!  Who looks more like pagans?  The ones who worship a person that does have a good message, but treat him like he is G-d Himself (i.e. - Christians, Muslims, Bhuddists, etc.) or the one that revers these prophets but yet still worships only G-d Himself as the sole Creator?

For all you know YOU could be the false prophet you keep on talking about yourself!  Enjoy your scare-tactic-a-thon, while you and your co-horts handle snakes and pervert Jesus' message.  But of course you are only going to ignore my rational argument because after all Iam a male, American JEW (*gasp*).  Which would make me the anti-christ. 

P.S. - All I have to say to defend myself is that its pretty hard to disguise yourself as the son of Cain when you have to take Cerebus on walks outside. With the Warmest Regards to his fellow human beings who resemble chickens running around with their heads' cut off

Hi Todd, I know you're really busy with your personal life and keeping this website on track. I just wanted to tell you how much I personally appreciate your website. I read it almost every single day and am getting braver about posting my comments on the message board.

It seems like things are spiraling very quickly, doesn't it? Makes you want to sit back and take a deep breath after a while. It seems as though it's been this way since the 11th of September. Just like a lot of brothers and sisters on this web site, I am anxious for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to gather his flock. Sometimes I get impatient, but know He has everything under control.

Anyway, I wish you continued blessings on your endeavors for this website and wanted to give you an "attaboy". Sometimes we don't hear that enough from our peers. May God continue to bless and watch over you and your family.

I got bad news for you there is not going to be a rapture of people , its a big lie
I is very disturbing to me how the vast majority of Christians are being deceived by this rapture theory. I pray that you will give this message your honest attention for a momment and consider what I have to share with you. I pray the Holy Spirit will guide you into a clearer understanding of the issue of Christ's return. This rapture theory is extremely dangerous because it teaches that people have a second chance to shape up before Christ returns. Satan loves this theory for this reason. The fact is, when Christ returns, it is all over. There is no rapture. The bible teaches that Christ will return in a audible, visible, glorious manner. There will be no one left behind except Satan and his angels. All the righteous dead are raised, all the wicked living are slain, and then all the righteous (both the former dead and the righteous living at Christ's return) are gathered up in air with Christ and head to heaven. If one is not ready, its too late. You don't believe me? I am fully prepared to offer a mountain of clear biblical eventence to defend my view. Are you willing to investigate the validity of my claim, or will you pass this off as the venting of a confused and disgruntled Christian? I pray you will be open minded and discuss this further with me. Through your website, you are reaching many, many people. If the information you are posting is deceiving folks, you will have to answer for it. I pray you will consider the possiblity that you are gravely wrong on this issue and will consider learning more about my Bible-based view. I am more than willing to answer any questions you would like to ask me about my reasoning. Let us reason together. I am senting you a document I put together illustrating the chain of events that I feel the Bible teaches will occur and have much scripture to go along with it. I share your view that the King James Bible is an excellent version, and have used it throughout.
Dear Brother Todd, Peace and love to you in Jesus Christ our Lord. I thank you and I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for your website.  I love your passion and determination for our Lord Jesus Christ and his truth and love as expressed by your obvious hard work expressed on your website.

I have read your email page, and I am saddened in my heart to see so many emails expressing an almost abhorent stance to the pre-trib rapture truth. I noticed that many who deny this beautiful truth and promise of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, hold the idea that the rapture is a fear tool used to control people, and cause us to worry. I have to ask these same people, how? How am "I", or any other born again christian, who loves the word of God and our Lord Jesus Christ and HIS promises to us, be worried, or controlled for that matter? It reminds me of the verse in scripture where we are told that they have the form of godliness but deny the power of God. Sorry, not quoting verbatim here. Is the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, showing us part of his power, that is power of life? on top of what the resurrection also signifying that death could not hold HIM, and why could death not hold him? Because HE IS GOD AND IS SINLESS AND IS LIFE. His resurrection is the proof of Jesus Christ being the Son of God and the sacrificial lamb of God to die for our sins, but also shows us that we can also trust and believe his promises to us:

John 14:2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and recieve you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. 4 And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.

Many christians that believe in the Kingdom now theology use this verse to explain that we are with the Lord daily reigning in our hearts. That the kingdom of God is in our hearts. But I have a problem with this, because it is also written that we await glorified bodies like that of Jesus. Our corrupted turned into incorruption and our mortal into immortal. We are also told that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of  God and we are also told that our bodies will change in the twinkling of an eye. This has not happened yet. This still awaits to be fulfilled, so how then can this passage in scripture have been fully fulfilled? I see how this passage can mean our spiritual daily walk with our Saviour, however, in this passage also indicated is the return of our Lord. He tells us he will come again.  This passage also refers to "his Father's house" which can only be in heaven. There are many mansions. Mansions that are dwellings, or houses in the carnal sense. Jesus says he goes to prepare a place for you.(us) That is those whom are his, and that he will return for us to recieve us unto himself, that "where" he is, so we will be also. I also find it fascinating that the Jewish custom of marriage relates so beautifully and symbollically to the rapture of the bride of Christ. Please don't get me wrong, I do not use this symbolatry as a means to indicate the truth of the pre-trib rapture, but find it very fascinating and beautiful similarity.

The Lord used this beautiful rapture truth to call me to repentance. For many years, on occasion throughout these years, I would have dreams of being on some sort of aircraft - plane or shuttle, and had this strong feeling that I was so lucky to be escaping some catastrophic event that would take place on earth, and how very sad I had felt for those who were not fortunate enouph to be on that aircraft. I do not hold much to dreams, however I believe that the Lord has used these dreams for my personal understanding, or to wake me up. Then years later the Lord Jesus gave me such strong desire in my heart to read HIS WORD, and only HIS WORD OF TRUTH satisfied this desire. Interestingly enouph, the Lord called me out on a day that HE knew I did not own a Bible. I didn't know anything about the rapture or much of the word of God and so turned to the internet, and found nothing but modern false prophets. I continued to search dilegently for a Bible, even though I did not have one, hoping that I would find one - this is how strong the desire was! Do you know where the Lord led me? To a book by Tim Lahaye " Are We living in the End Times?" I was unsure to read this, as I knew my husband, who is an atheist, but reads the Tim Lahayes left behind series, that these books were fictional but based on literal biblical prophecies. I did not want to read this type of thing, and as I read the back description, realized this was a book about the imminent return of Jesus Christ and the current world events based on literal biblical prophecies. It was in the middle of this book that I repented of my sins to Jesus Christ and asked HIM to forgive me and recieved my Lord and Saviour. As I read this book, I also recognized and acknowledged to myself Tim Lahayes great love for our Lord Jesus Christ, and how I did not understand this passion and love.How come I did not feel this same way? But our Lord Jesus Christ not only answered and showed me this, but revealed to me that I had actually asked this. I did not yet "know" my saviour so I did not yet know love for HIM, nor his love for me. But our Lord Jesus Christ is so wonderful, faithful and true, that HE showed me also this same love that I am ever so grateful for all eternity! Praise and honour and glory be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Another interesting thing, is that when I was about 10 years old, my parents sent us one week to this bible school. This was just a christian couple, in the back yard of their house, about a block away from ours, holding bible studies for young children. Interestingly, John 14:2-3 were one of the verses we were asked to memorize and the only one that I can remember even discussing on this day/week of attending. So as a young child, being able to grasp the simple meaning and understanding of this passage as a literal return and promise over and above the spiritual side of this, is also important. I did not know then about the rapture, but understood that HE will come again for us. In light of all other verses in scripture pertaining to the "catching away/up" / rapture along with this verse, the truth of HIS promise cannot be denied by anyone searching dilegently for the truth. We are told to comfort one another with this beautiful truth and hope. So let all of us in the body of Christ continue to comfort one another with the beautiful promise and hope of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, our groom, Lord and Saviour to redeem us from our sin, and to not only turn these sinful bodies into bodies like unto his, but to see HIS BEAUTIFUL AND GLORIOUS FACE. Let us seek HIS FACE, LIGHT AND LOVE.

I had more to say, concerning "conspiracy theorists", or more closely the illuminati, because I disagree with you in part concerning some things, however this letter is long, and I know that you must recieve so much email, and I don't want to burden you further. Maybe another day, I can send you my thoughts on this issue.

May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ continue to bless you, your family, friends, and wonderful work you do for our Lord Jesus Christ and his body with truth and love. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless and open the hearts of all who come to this website to HIS LOVE, TRUTH AND LIFE.

3 June

Hello my name is Jeremy Wattenbarger I happened to stumble on your website. I'm a born again blood washed bought by Jesus Christian. I'm a member of an Independent Fundemental Militant Baptist Church meaning we attack error and preach the truth of Jesus Christ. I like you website and find your content very good and hve shared some of it with other believers. The rapture is so easy to understand and so few do understand it. I teach Junior Church at the 4-6 grade level the 8-12 yr olds and they even understand that the rapture takes place first then all the other events take place. God like a Groom at a wedding would not make his bride suffer in an AntiChrist reign. Keep on writing and keep you faith in Jesus Christ and not religion.

I cannot imagine a god would take his own home at the expense of mass chaos and human loss of life.  This sounds more like a terror attack than a rapture.  Jesus would be vandalizing the planet.  He will pull this off with much more precision than that.  Please don't be offended but the implications a pre trib rapture creates is ubsurd to me.  Why would anyone want anything to do with a god who kills people in the process of taking people home.  I know of a person who left the church because she didn't want her four children go through the tribulation alone.  Tribulation will come and there will be no rapture, will you guys admit it?
Todd -I loved the chronology of your study, it was excellent. On the last show of the X-files, the date that the "aliens" are supposed to return to reclaim the earth is 22 Dec 2012... they must have taken it from the Mayan/Aztec calendar you mentioned. Man will forever be deceived because he fails to open his eyes to what is around him. Without the knowledge of Christ and the Holy Spirit to guide him, he will be doomed to languish in such silly endeavors. I believe the signs of the times are pointing to a soon return, but I don't think we are there yet. More things have to come to pass first. I do, however, firmly believe that it will be in our physical lifetime...
  The apostle Paul told the "date setters" that before the Lord's return(no pre-trib rapture but an one shot deal, every eye shall see him)   there will have to be a falling away  among  the Christians and the rise of the "peace restorer,  the  man of sin. )    He is to be the leader of the new one world government and will himself call him self god.       We must be careful not to be among the scoffers that are so prevalent in the world today.         Some of   us Christians  sometimes get on the  ' wrong track' concerning the last times but  some of them are awaiting the 'blessed Hope"    promised to  his elect, of a new heaven and earth where the old is passed away and there will be no more crying, weeping, and pain.
Todd Glad your around mkes me feel good reading your web i think that is what you call it  I am 87 and lost my wife and got a stroke the next year you know i am waiting for the rapture and always have
Dear Todd,
Thank you for your kind words. I am praying for you and everyone else involved there at Rapture Ready. My Dad (a veteran Pastor of almost 25 years) has taught me from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper that there is coming a day when the trump will sound, and we as Christians, will be taken. That is why I like your website so much, because it is right on with what my Dad teaches and preaches. And that is also why I know that you need prayers, because as people oppose my Dad, people also oppose you (as I have noticed in your "Interesting E-mail" page), and I know just how taxing continual detraction can be. Hope all is well with you and your family. I don't know if we will ever get a chance to meet in this world - I'd like to try and make a Prophecy Conference in Tulsa, before my time here on Earth, or before that trumpet blast - but I am glad that you are doing what you are doing, because the word about the Rapture, and the Word about Eternal Life needs to be spread. I am with you in that...just kinda' on the other side of the world at this point of my life. May the Lord bless you and be with you today...
I have found this site to be fantastic (and pretty hilarious, too)!  I'm going to put it in my favorites so that I can have easier access to the site.  After reading through the site, it was funny to see myself in phobic area of "The Number of the Beast".  Thank you for helping me see myself better and for seeing how silly I've been regarding 666.  After reading some of the rather odd emails that you've received and seeing your request for prayer, all I can say is to be strong in the Lord!  I will pray for you and for your continued work for the Lord.  God bless you.
Hi Todd.
  First off, I just want to thank you for all your hard work on this page.  I've found it very interesting & have learned alot.   Secondly, I have to comment on the "interesting e-mails".   Personally, I think you ought to scrap the whole page.  For one thing, I have a hunch that the majority of the stuff you receive is from whackos, and a lot of them have nothing more than satan's filth to spew.  It's bad enough that you have to read that garbage, but why subject your readers to it?  It may be that there are some brand new Christians out there that are being exposed to some of these crazy e-mails, & end up walking away from their computers really confused & then satan wins.  Anyway, I just think that your web site could do more for Christ by focusing on the love, the healing, and the helpful education that the rest of your site is devoted to.  I think it's time to rebuke Satan and stop giving his voice the chance to be heard.   Also, it seems that if you read & respond to these folks, and engage yourself in a hearty debate with them, you're really just spinning your wheels and exhausting your God-given energy and time on the wrong stuff.  Satan is trying to distract you from what God wants you to do.  There's an old saying somewhere about when you're approached by a psychologically "challenged" person, it's best to just nod & smile than to try and talk "sense" with them.   Personally, I've decided not to read that page anymore.  The negative e-mails just leave me feeling unsettled.  I much prefer reading the things that put me in the mind of Christ.   These are just my humble opinions.  Not criticizing you at all... just trying to help.  But I do really enjoy your site alot.  I check out the news clips several times a day.    Thanks again & many of the Lord's blessings to you, Todd.
Dear Todd,
I have come to understand that the return of Jesus is any time that he lives within our hearts.  I think there has been a great misunderstanding of what Jesus meant when He said He would return.  He came to give us life and to give it more abundantly.  This can only happen if He lives in our hearts right this minute.  Many misunderstood the first coming of Christ, thinking he would come in a chariot of fire, when in reality, he came as a meek and simple human.  This same level of misunderstanding is implied when one "waits" for Jesus to return.  Have Him in your heart and is return is accomplished. Your friend,
I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work.  I had never heard of the Rapture growing up.  When I first heard about it, like some of your  e-mail responders, I thought it sounded very crazy.  But when I attended a Precept Bible study on the book of John, I learned to think otherwise.  As part of that study, we learned about the seven feasts of Israel that were ordained by God in Leviticus 23.  Each of these feasts has or will be fulfilled by Jesus.  The first 4 feasts were perfectly fullfilled by Jesus on the exact day that the Jews celebrated the feast.  An example of this is Jesus' death on the cross fulfilled the Passover. Three of the Feasts have yet to be fulfilled.  Another really great place to study this is in a little book by Zola Levitt, titled "The Seven Feasts of Israel."  The book is relatively inexpensive (somewhere between $3 and $7) and can be ordered from his web site at  He is a messianic Jew out of Texas and he believes in a Pre-trib Rapture.   By the way, the next Jewish feast to be fulfilled on God's timetable is the Feast of Trumpets, which was a calling in of the faithful  to come to the Temple to begin the celebration of the Day of Atonement.  This Feast of Trumpets fulfillment will be the Rapture.
First of all, I cannot believe that anyone is stupid enough to believe this false doctrine. Mark my words, THERE WILL BE NO RAPTURE! It is not taught in scripture and you are teaching a false doctrine. Only a fool would make something up and say it is in the Bible.   My friend I love you! Repent and be baptized FOR the remission of sins. You are very important to God. Please do not reject his teachings.
6 May

Its time to wake up Todd!    What you are seeing in the world has "roots" far beyond what you can see in your bible!   The bible record  is recent history..... but what about the other 5 million years of human history?      Its going to be a big shock to Christians when they find out that God did not stop "publishing" things 2,000 years ago with the completion of the book of Revelation. Many things have been written before and after the bible, but have been  tossed aside as "workings of the devil"!    It has been by design that you were not allowed to view anything outside your bible, and most Christians have fallen for it- "hook line and sinker"!    There is a vast amount of information available, and you limit your self severely by not having access to it.    Remember that God gives you full freedom to investigate all things, so step out and find out about "the controllers" who have given you only one book to view the universe with

would like to thank you...your website has enabled me to finally reach my Jewish sister-in-law that lives in Israel.  

I sent her your page entitled "Myths and Facts About Israel" and told her that I am trying to learn more about Israel. I asked her to read it and see if their were any errors. Her response was..."I didn't find any mistakes or distortions. Keep on our side and thank-you! Love, Shana".  

Todd, this is huge! It has opened the door for me to dialog with her. Today she sent me an article from Ha'Aretz Magazine about Effi Eitam's vision for the State of Israel. Thanks for your faithfulness to tell the truth. It has helped me tremendously.  

I read with sadness about your unsaved family members. I am in the same situation. I finally asked God to show me creative ways to love them where they are and He has been faithful to show me. I witnessed to my Dad for years and his response was always the same..."Chrissy, I just don't believe the way that you do". Here's the awesome part November of 2000, I was at his home and God gave me the privilege of leading my Dad to Christ. It was totally unexpected and in a way that I would have never imagined. We were both Dad because he finally recognized his sin and his need for a Savior and me because I knew that he had passed from death to life. He died on May 21, 2001 and I have the assurance that he is with our Heavenly Father. Please keep praying for your family members and don't lose hope. As long as they have breath, there is a chance.

The major earthquake in Guam today is a warning for May.  The more shocking news was the April earthquake in the Northeast.  While a small earthquake compared with west coast standards, it was the most severe quake recorded in the history of the United States for this region of the country. Avoid the midwest, northeast and central areas of the United States after May 10th.  God is going to shake-up the United States with multiple earthquakes between May 10th and May 22nd.  And, look for a major earthquake in the Salt Lake City region with a reading of 8.0 or above.  The LDS people better prepare now. May you walk with Jesus everyday during the month of May.  Stay out of tall buildings and make sure your emergency supplies are well stocked.  Don't forget to have shovels and other tools available for these events.  Remember this e-mail in May as the US is brought to its knees.
Todd... I just now for the first time layed eyes on your website. I find it extremely informative. I guess my first mistake was in reading your "interesting emails I've recieved" section. God bless the folks who, even though they may have disagreed with your theology, which I don't, were at least polite and congenial. It is perfectly alright to disagree on an issue and still behave like a lady or gentleman. But the other ones...the nasty ones. Those caused a sincere nosedive in my attitude at that moment. Just in case this email of mine makes it into your "interesting emails..." section, let me just say this. For future use...folks, if you can't express yourself politely and with some dignity and respect for others, then maybe you should keep it to yourself. God doesn't and hasn't ever told us to mock one another. In the final analysis, does it matter if everyone believes in pre- or post-tribulation stances? No. And why? Simply because if the rapture isn't true, and I personally believe that it is, then we'll know for sure when after a long period of the most intense suffering that mankind has EVER seen, globally that is, we see the precious Savior touch His foot down on the mountaintop and begin a thousand year millenial reign. If it IS true, then one day many people will wake up to the news that millions of people have suddenly gone missing. No explanations, no immediate clever theories, just the shock of the happening itself. this something to argue about? Absolutely not. And it is certainly nothing that the Lord is going to want some foolish fellow "testifying against Todd" about at the Bema seat of Heaven. I strongly suspect that if that fellow can even hold his ground to stand before the Lord, he won't be able to get the petty words out of his mouth. They simply won't matter anymore. Todd, I felt deep compassion for you as I read the hateful things that some people said to you. I just hope that the Lord Himself guards your heart and your mind, not to mention your eyes and ears, from the abuse that is ALWAYS heaped on the truth-giver. We live in a world that loves to shoot the messenger, amen? I am so excited to have a place like this site to go to to get more information on the endtimes. For quite awhile now, I have had the strongest urge to "look up". God bless you, my brother and keep on doing His work. Many will be in the Kingdom for it. Thank you so much.
I read through your defense of the pre-tribulation rapture and it was pretty good but still I think you read way too much into passages that weren't meant to give detail about the return of Christ but to give comfort, for example 1 Thess 4.  Also even if you were right you should be so antagonistic to the other side even though some might be to you.  Your defense was full of sarcasm which is a huge turn off especially for unbelievers.  As soon as I read your first sarcastic remark I didn't even want to read the rest of what you had to say because it sounded as if you didn't care about facts but more about winning the argument.  Anyway Great web-site other than that. 
As I was browsing your website I was struck by the number of people who said you are using the rapture as some sort of 'fear' tactic. Au 'contraire. I guess they have something to fear if they are non-believers but for those of us who read the bible and believe in Christ, the rapture is something we can only HOPE will happen in our lifetime! What a wonderful thing to be spirited up to heaven in the blink of an eye and to leave this world behind for a new and better place. Doesn't sound scary to me. What sounds scary is being left behind. I look forward to the rapture! See you in heaven...
How can you do this to people? Some new christians may get decieved by you about this Rapture thing. And you will answer for it! I am sorry to inform you that their is no rapture. Their is not going to be one man (666) take over the world. The book of revelation (SINGULAR!!!) is giving the same message today as it was to the christians in the first century..."Jesus is the Son of God and he is the only way to Heaven." The book used all the symbols and numbers to get past the romans. The Jews wrote apocolypses all the time to encourage the occupied nation and that is how he decided to write too. Most of the text in the book of revelation is used by other OT prophets like Daniel, Ezekial, and the opcolypeses of the Jews like the Revelation of Moses, the Revelation of Abraham, ect. Revelation is inspired by the Holy Spirit not to tell us about the future but to apply to our lives right now. To Glorify Jesus today...not to fear some Antichrist tomorrow. That is all. Please stop the promotion of Anti-catholic material too. Some of your articles infer that the Pope is the false prophet of revelation. I was a pentacostal but now I am a Roman Catholic. I believe we are brothers and sisters in Christ but SOME of the doctrines that protestants come up with are unbiblical. Please reevaluate some of the anti-Catholic and anti-scriptural articles on your website and erase them. Thank you.

P.S. Please don't email me back with debate in mind. I can debate...but I choose not to.

Certainly my email will do nothing to change your deep indoctrination in the false teaching of a pre-tribulation rapture. However, be aware that time will prove you wrong even though the damage will be done. I do not find this doctrine to be biblical and its falseness is illustrated by the absurdity of the very popular "Left Behind" book series. The church has become worldly and Christians are not denying themselves and taking up the cross. A quick easy escape seems so American and yet foreign to the Word of God. If you want to understand how God truly keeps his people, those who love him with all their heart, mind, soul and body - then look to the details of the lives of Noah, David, Daniel, Jonah, Gideon, Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego and so on. There will be a second coming - but only one. Remember: Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - including preservation or martyrdom during this most difficult time.
Dear Todd:   Every once in a while I like to go to the Interesting Emails section and see what people think about your work. It never ceases to amaze me how small minded and disbelieving people are, especially now when we are seeing prophecies fulfilled almost daily. My favorites are the ones who attempt to tell you the folly of your ways. Aren't they going to be surprised when Jesus shows up! I'm glad that it doesn't get you down, Todd. You just keep on doing God's work as if satan weren't chasing you around full-tilt and that is commendable.   Living in this secular world, with so much hostility pointed at us, it is a daily struggle to hold my faith above all else. I admit that my spirit gets weak and that all the suffering of God's people breaks me down, but Jesus never lets me fall. No matter how low I get, I know that he will hold me so I can rest. That's how I found your site to begin with..I needed guidance and there you were. Now it's several years later and I always get excited when I see the new dates on your postings. I know that you are going to say something that will lift me up and remind me of why I chose Christianity.   There's no need to respond. I just wanted to express my appreciation. Thank you, my brother. :)

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