US Army Nike AA Missile Base
Bristol, Rhode Island

Photo from  WO Alvin Woods

ca 1960 ... Our Nike Hercules IFC area. In 1959 the Nike base was converted to the more powerful and longer range Nike Hercules missile. In the photograph are the new MTR, TTR and updated LOPAR. Also the barracks, mess hall and administration buildings can be seen. The circle on the ground is the helicopter pad and the two small trailers near the bottom center were connected together for our "NCO Club" My 1953 Ford Flathead can be seen at the top of the hill parked next to the generator building (near center top).

 Click here for large annotated picture of IFC Area

ca 1959
Our launcher area. If you look close, four Nike Ajax missiles can be seen
in the elevated position. The bridge in the distance is the Mt Hope bridge.

Nike Hercules Missile at Ft Bliss, Texas


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