US Army Nike AA Missile Base
Bristol, Rhode Island

Photos from Ron McGarity

Fall 1963
A few years later and a little wiser

1962 Bristol
The reason I missed the trip to McGregor                   Steve Sieron doing his              .
in 1962. Who would have thought a                        Bing Crosby impression         .
 missile could run over your hand.                                                                             .

1963 McGregor Range
.     LA Platoon Sgt   SFC Dixon(?)                 "Hey Sarge, I found the rest of that booster"
wanting to know who put this here.                                                                             .

1963 McGregor Range
Nike Hercules and Ajax on Display                     Members of our Launch Crew  .
at McGregor  Range                                                                        .

1963 McGregor Range
Section Chief Sgt Newell                               "You're still going to loan me
and PFC Danny Haddad                                   twenty bucks aren't you?".
"Hey Sarge, you said to get it ready"                       (Steve Sieron and myself)           .


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