US Army Nike AA Missile Base
Bristol, Rhode Island

Photos from Ron McGarity

Picture Day - Basic Training
Ft Jackson, SC  May - June 1961

.         Welcome to my new home                  Will Williams (OK) and Johnny Eakin (TX)
.                                                                         Trying to decide what they "CAN-DO"
.                                                                        to stay out of trouble.

Fall 1961
Johnny Eakin, Roger Goodrow                                  MP/Dog Handler  - Al (?)
and Will Williams being all they can be.             My apologies for not recalling his    .
.                                                                           last name. He had a '59 Pontiac
                                                                               Convertible that was really sharp.

My "ride" - 1956 Pontiac Convertible
It was pink and white until I returned to Atlanta after
my discharge and had it painted black and white.
The women really liked it!


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