LTC Fred von Gortler III

Photo: Fred and wife Carolyn lunch at the 1865 Restaurant in San Luis Obispo, CA. 08/09/2003.


As Range Operations Battery Commander for the final 18 months of RCRC operations, I turned out the lights when we left. I was an Ordnance Officer on detail to Air Defense Artillery for two years for my integration into the Regular Army. Myron Hollister was also Ordnance on detail.

Lt. Ben Powell and Cpt. ? were the Asst. Ops and Ops Officer respectively and were on detail from the Chemical Corps. Lt. Colonel John McCarthy, our beloved Battalion CO, took great delight in telling the Wizards at Ft. Bliss that his Battalion was commanded and operated by the Tech Services and they did a better job than the slugs down at Bliss. Damn but it was fun!!!

Fred von G. III