Top photo of Pepper and me on 08/09/2003.

Lower photo: arrow marks me at RCRC mess hall beer party, probably early 1957.


Hi, I'm J. P. Moore, retired US Air Force Master Sergeant. In 1954 I enlisted in the Army, took Basic Training at Ft. Bliss and spent the entire three-year tour in the desert. One year was at Board # 4's Nike Ajax site on White Sands Proving Ground, the remainder as an IFC tech at Red Canyon Range Camp. After leaving the Army, I joined the Air Force (SAC), worked on Bomb/Nav in B-47 bombers, SRAM missiles on B-52 bombers, and Minuteman ICBMs. I retired in 1975.

Red Canyon was a wonderful place to live and work, although it did have some minor drawbacks. There was no spit and polish at the camp. That was impossible given the dusty living conditions. Inspections, parades, and all the accompanying pomp and circumstance did not happen at Red Canyon while I was there. We did observe military protocol and tradition but it was a much more relaxed atmosphere than on a large Post such as Ft. Bliss. We had sky high morale and camaraderie. We were given a job to do and left alone to do it. To me and most other young men there, it was like being Huckleberry Finn, exploring the desert, Malpais caves and watching missiles being launched. I have fond memories of the camp, and even wrote a book about camp life. My book, The Malpais Missiles is available through The Gift Gallery in Carrizozo, NM and the White Sands Missile Range Museum Gift Shop. You can also order a copy directly from me. Please e-mail me from the Welcome page for more info.

Thank you for visiting my little tribute to the men of Red Canyon Range Camp. Come back often. If you enjoyed this site, tell your friends. If you found errors, please tell me.


JP Moore