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Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Lens

Today I installed the new lens, a 6 to 50 MM. The previous lens was a fixed 5 MM. While I was installing it, the male downy showed up. He didn't stay long before he flew off. I finished screwing with the lens and sat down at the computer to see if he would come back. He did, but again he didn't stay long, only a few seconds. He showed up a third time, again briefly. I am beginning to understand why I have a hard time catching him, if this is typical behavior The other day, when I saw the female, she stayed for a few minutes. I captured the male today, you can see him here. I also uploaded an image to Picasa web.

I am beginning to see a pattern, the female feeds on the suet, and the male on the woodpecker treat. I could have zoomed in farther than what I did today, but I wanted to keep both the suet and woodpecker treat in the picture. I was expecting to see the female show up, but I didn't see her.

Posted by Dave at 5:27 PM
Categories: Backyard Birding