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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hopper Feeder

I got the new feeder today, from www.kingbirdfeeders.com. There was enough light to do a quick install. I don't know if the birds will like it better than the last feeder I tried, but I do! I had to screw the top off the last feeder in order to fill it, while the lid flips open on this one. You can view the live video here, or the latest image here. The web cam caught me installing the new feeder, you can view the pic here.

Apparently woodpeckers like to have their tails supported while feeding, and since I have been on a downy kick lately, I checked into tail props. I saw a number of ideas, including add ons for the suet cage, but I decided to buy one with the suet cage integrated into the tail prop. I know I will never see a pileated woodpecker here, but I decided on this model. I like the longer prop because it might help stabilize the feeder- or it might act like a sail! :)

Posted by Dave at 6:10 PM
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