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Sogn Valley
Cannon Falls

I am the fifth generation Minnesota grower.  My Great, great grandfather came to Minnesota in the 1850’s and grew a number of varieties of vegetables.   I continue the family tradition by getting my hands dirty in the soil.  We grow them the old fashion way with no chemicals to prevent bugs from eating the crops.  This can be very labor intensive but it is a passion of preserving health and working with nature to achieve success in the garden.


I specialize in tomatoes and grow them in various locations on the property. I also enjoy growing potatoes, onions, garlic, watermelon, carrots and many other varieties. 


In the last few years I have been working on seed saving and each year I add to my skill base  by saving seeds from various vegetables.   This year I am working on saving carrot seeds and parsnips . I have been using garlic cloves saved from the last 4 years.

Tim Mahle & Jody Britz

35707 CO. 14 BLVD.


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