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Juggling animation This step isnít really juggling, but itís a good exercise. Put one ball in each hand. Toss them both straight up at the same time, making sure you throw them to exactly the same height. Practice this until you can maintain the rhythm and not drift.
Two balls, two hands step4
Juggling animation  
Do the same exercise only this time alternate the balls - first toss the right straight up and as it starts to descend, toss the left one. As always, make sure the balls arenít spinning and occasionally pause and check that position of your hand is correct when you catch them.

Finally, toss the 2 balls at the same time, but now throw them to the opposite hand. To avoid collisions, youíll have to toss one slightly in front of the other, or one slightly higher than the other. If you toss one a bit higher, you should throw it slightly sooner and catch it slightly later. For fun, you might want to try for some perfect collisions - get the 2 balls to hit at the peak of the arc and bounce back into the hands you threw them from.

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Fleeting Glimpse > Learn to Juggle > 4 Ball > Step 4