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Juggling animation Place one ball in your palm and the other toward your fingertips. Throw the fingertip ball straight up from a position just to the right of your rest position. As it starts to descend, pop the other ball straight up from just to the left of you rest position. Continue tossing the balls up and down, side by side, in their separate columns. Make sure the columns stay side by side and do not drift apart, or forward and back or become intertwined. Doing this without straying is not as easy as it looks.
Two balls in one hand step3
Juggling animation  
You can also toss the 2 balls so they follow each other around in a circular motion. Pop the first ball up so that it comes down a little to the left of your hand. As the first ball starts to fall, toss the second ball so that it follows exactly the same path to come down a little to the left of you hand. Catch the first ball, move your hand a bit to the right (to complete the bottom of the arc) and toss again. The balls will follow each other counter-clockwise around the elliptical path. You can also do the same pattern in a clock-wise direction by tossing the balls just to the right. Practice this with each hand until they are equally strong and you can maintain the pattern without drifting.

Once you have the basic patterns, practice different heights, or slowing moving the columns apart and back together or switching from columns to circular and back again. Wave to people or eat a sandwich with your free hand.

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Fleeting Glimpse > Learn to Juggle > 4 Ball > Step 3