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Q: Why are there so many measurements?

A: All of our garments are custom made.  Every person is slightly different and for a perfect fit we need lots of numbers.  We do not need every measurement for every garment, but having all your numbers now makes it easier to add a garment to your order later.  Please provide accurate measurements, we will not giggle at them or issue public service announcements; vanity measurements will result in delays on your garments and extra costs for you.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: If the garment arrives damaged or does not fit send it back to us and we will correct the problem.  We do not accept returns for any other reason.  These are custom garments, made just for you and we do not carry stock or re-sale items.  All sales are final.


Q: Why do some garments have a fixed price while others have a starting price?

A: Fixed price garments have few variations in fabric or embellishment.  We know how much material and time it takes to make these garments and we price accordingly.  

    Garments that "start at" a certain price have many variations and as the cost of materials increase so does the price.  Linings, trims, decorations & special treatments will add to the overall price of your garment.  They also add to the beauty of your garment.  


Q: What increases the price of a garment?

A:  Embroidery, cutwork, ribbon-work, hand sewing, beading, natural dying, specialty items and fur trim are extra depending on the complexity of the design, availability of materials and production time. All faux and genuine fur choices are subject to availability.






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