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All of our clothing is custom designed and made just for you.  Nothing is "off the rack" because we have no racks.  Our sizes are based on your measurements, not some preconceived notion of how clothes ought to fit you.  Welcome to the wonderful world of custom clothing!

Directions:  Please wear whatever undergarments you plan on wearing with the clothes you order.  If you are ordering stays or corsets, measure over a properly fitting bra.  Do not measure over sweaters or jeans, your clothes will not fit.  Stand straight up with your feet directly under you, don't lock your knees.  For red measurements, go all the way around your body.  For blue or yellow, measure from one point to the other.  Send the completed measurement chart (in inches) along with your completed order form.

You will need:

flexible tape measure

pen or pencil

measurement chart

a good friend

(Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the chart)

A neck: _____           H bicep: _____                     O neck - bust: _____               V neck - chin: _____

B chest: _____          I forearm: _____                   P bust - waist: _____               W neck - ear: _____

C bust: ______         J wrist: _____                        Q breastbone-waist: _____    X back-waist: _____

D ribs: _____            K arm length: _____             R neck - floor: _____               Y shoulder width: _____

E waist: _____          L underarm - wrist: _____   S waist - hips: _____               Z back width: _____

F hips: ______          M neck - shoulder: _____    T waist - pubic bone

G shoulder: _____    N underarm - waist: _____  U waist - floor


a thigh: _____                f ankle: _____                           m inseam - floor: _____

b above knee: _____   g instep: _____                          n inseam - below knee: _____

c knee: _____               h waist - below knee:_____     o below knee - ankle: _____

d below knee: _____    j ankle - toe: _____                   q rise: _____  (front waist - crotch - back waist)

e calf: _____                  k heel - toe: _____


1 crown: _____

2 forehead - ears - back of head: _____

3 top of head - chin: _____

7 waist - end of train: _____


Alternative Directions:  If you are not confident that you can take accurate measurements with a tape measure, use this method.

You will need:

An old T-shirt that fits comfortably (no stretching or excessive bagging).

Duck tape


A friend you really trust

Tie your hair up.  Put the T-shirt on and have a friend put a length of tape down your spine from the base of your neck to the small of your back, from under your arm to your waist, from your bust line (where the fullness of your breasts starts along your sternum)  to your waist and from your shoulder to your wrist along the back of your arm.  Then wrap the duck tape around your chest, under your bust, around your waist & hips, then around your bust (be careful not to squish).  Wrap tape around your upper arms, bicep & wrist.  Carefully cut the T-shirt off straight up the center.  Send the cut shirt via postal mail with your order form and any additional measurements.


If you have any questions about how to take measurements or what measurements are needed for a garment, please contact Gail right away.  I will be happy to help you and it will save everyone time and money in the end.




If you have a question, or would like more information about an item or order, please contact us via phone, e-mail or postal mail.

If you would like a paper catalogue, please send $5.00 with your information request.



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