Nampa High School Class of 1957

50th Reunion, September 7-9, 2007

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Class members who registered for the 50-year reunion

Below is a list of members of the Nampa High Class of 1957 who registered for the 50-year reunion. One or two additional classmates dropped in for the reception but had conflicts that prevented them from registering for the dinner and barbeque. Also, a couple of classmates who registered had last-minute problems that prevented them from attending.

Names in bold face submitted a biographical information form for the reunion book.

The list is alphabetical by the last name that the person was known by in 1957.
If a person's name has changed since then, his or her original name is in parentheses.

  1. Michael Edwin Adams
  2. Michael Marshall (Anderson) Mike
  3. Leslie Everett (Cavanah) Les
  4. William J. (Coates) Bill
  5. George Edward Covert
  6. Jim K. Dillon
  7. John E. (Fillmore) Johnny
  8. Frances J. "Krommenhock" Hahn
  9. Larry B. Harwood
  10. Benita Carmen "Odenkirk" (Hillyard) Bennie
  11. Cliff (Lawrence) Yogi
  12. Marian Loretta "Newman" McMillin
  13. Tim James (Nettleton) Tim
  14. Joleen Reece
  15. Wallace J. Ritchie
  16. Joyce Diane "Owen" Tiegs
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