Nampa, Idaho, High School Class of 1957 Reunion Site

A 65-year reunion picnic of the Nampa, Idaho, High School Class of 1957 was held the afternoon of Thursday, September 8, 2022, at the Maple Grove Shelter in Lakeview Park.

Of our 342 classmates, as of the date of the picnic 159 had been reported to have passed away and 37 others have fallen out of contact. Of the remaining 142, contact was confirmed with only 63. Of those, 38 registered for the reunion and 33 attended.

There are group photographs as well as informal snapshots taken by Fred and Ann Deal, Carol Chitwood, and Frances (Hahn) Krommenhock (who also did much of the work arranging the reunion and coordinating the committee—Thanks, Frances!)

There are also photos from our 55-year and 60-year reunions. In 2017 Frances took snapshots at the Friday evening meet and greet and group photographs on Saturday. Fred Deal took snapshots at the Saturday picnic. In 2012, Frances and Fred Young were the photographers:

Group photos (2017)
Friday evening meet and greet snapshots (2017)
Saturday picnic snapshots(2017) Group photos (2012)
Friday evening meet and greet snapshots (2012)
Saturday picnic snapshots (2012)

For future planning, please help us keep our records up to date by sending changes in your contact info to

The Class of 1957 also has an infrequently updated Facebook page at: If you don't have a Facebook account, you can still see everything we post there (despite Facebook's suggestion that by logging in you can see more). If Facebook pops up an invitation to log in, just click the "X" button in the upper right corner to make it retreat to the bottom of the screen.

Several classmates have contributed original grade school group photographs for Kenwood, Lakeview, Roosevelt, East Side, Lone Star, Sunny Ridge, Midway and Scism. People have been having a ball trying to identify all the faces. Be sure to check out the on-line versions posted here. (Just click on the school name.)

The committee is continuing to search for 26 long lost as well as several more recently lost classmates. If you have any leads, please let us know.

The 2022 Reunion Committee:
  • Frances (Hahn) Krommenhock, chair
  • Wilbur Chitwood
  • Judy (Pitman) Leffler
  • Jerry Saltzer
  • Janet (Kling) Van Cleef
  • Geri (Graves) Wallis

Classmate lists:

To provide leads on lost classmates:
Call Jerry Saltzer at (208) 429-1192
or e-mail


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