Our Very Excellent Adventure
June 11, 2005
Ithaca, New York
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On this very hot  Saturday in June, we decided on a  drive to somewhere cool.  We went to Ithaca, New York, to the
It is a  wonderful  building designed by I. M. Pei.  There are  towers connected on some floors, and open to the ground level.  Unfortunately, we chose the wrong weekend - this is reunion weekend and the museum was crowded.  It is a concrete building, and with nothing to muffle sound, it was terribly noisy.  But the artwork was compelling. 

The Puritan, by Saint-Gaudens
The Puritan, Saint-Gaudens

We really went there to see the exhibit of Indian and Asian silver jewelry.
The Lure of Silver: North African and Asian Jewelry from the Nadler Collection

Heavy, coiled, siver earrings These are earrings.  They weigh just under 1000 grams, which makes them over two pounds!  There is a picture in their catalog of a person wearing them.  Somehow, the earring attaches to the ear at the bottom loop.  A person wears two earrings, one pointing forward, and clipping to the headdress, and one pointing backward clipped to the headdress.  Wow.

There were many cuffs and ankle bracelets.  Most of them massive.
silver cuffs
silver cuffs

This is one of the"lighter" torques. silver torque

There was one media exhibit and it just tickled me.  I was so fascinated by the idea that I never noted the artist.
soft sculpture media exhibit
There are just two figures who sit on a shelf, and there is a projector aimed at their "faces". 
The faces are actually projected on the "heads", which are smooth (fabric?). 
It made me giggle, and I noticed that everyone leaving the room looked tickled, too. 
These "folks" were talking, but I was so fascinated by the visual effect that I didn't listen.
faces projected need to find artist

We stopped in Dryden at an A&W Rootbeer stand - it had carhops, but it was 92 degrees, and we opted to go in to eat.
The rootbeer float tasted just like it did when I was a teen!
A&W Rootbeer Stand

Fountain on the Green in Dryden
The last stop was to look at the fountain in the square in Dryden.   We were surprised to see that it was dated MCMXCVII.

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