Our Very Excellent Adventure
Boston, Mass
May, 2005
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The trip began on Tuesday, May 10, as we left Norwich to drive to Boston.  The planning had begun months before when I got an e-mail from Jackie that the Red Sox tickets had gone on sale.  I wanted to see Fenway Park, and I had never been to a baseball game other than Little League and Oneonta Tigers.  Not knowing that there was a convenient hotel, I opted for an afternoon game so that we wouldn't try to drive around Boston at night. 

Turns out, by staying at the Howard Johnson's Fenway, we were a half-block from the Gate B Fenway Park entrance at the concession concourse.  Super convenient!  For an extra $10 a day, we were able to park at the hotel, and once parked, we never went anywhere by car.

D. likes McDonalds for breakfast, and there was a McD right across the street from the hotel.  He could get breakfast and take a walk, and I could sleep in.  How cool is this.  Additionally,  on Wednesday, the city provided some excitement.  The driver of this dark SUV was taken by ambulance to one of the nearby hospitals.

The first night, we took a long walk to  a restaurant we had read about - Atlantic Fish Company.  It was a beautiful evening, and we were able to eat outside and people-watch during dinner.  D had swordfish picatta, with rice pilaf and asparagus.  I had Captain's Catch:  freshly breaded cod, clams, shrimp, and scallops, with fries and coleslaw.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evening out - not counting that having walked there, we now had to walk back to the hotel. 

Wednesday morning, we pretended our legs were not exhausted, and hiked to the Fens - a beautiful park, part of the Emerald Necklace, designed by Olmstead.  There are beautiful walkways, and we saw many people enjoying the park.  There were lots of people (mostly male) with dogs (mostly designer - we saw no mutts). 

There is a section left over from WWII, called the Victory Gardens - today they are mostly flower gardens, instead of vegetables.  It is fascinating to see how people use their space. 

From:   http://www.fenwayvictorygardens.com/history.html you can learn more: 
The Fenway Victory Gardens represent the nation’s last remaining of the original victory gardens created nationwide during World War II. At that time, demands for food exports to the nation's armed forces in Europe and the Pacific caused rationing and shortages for those back home in the States. In response, President Roosevelt called for Americans to grow more vegetables. The City of Boston established 49 areas (including the Boston Common and the Public Gardens!) as victory gardens for citizens to grow vegetables and herbs.

After lunching  on Mexican food, it was time to go to the game. 


Once inside, we were entertained by the Green Monster and saw some of Boston's Finest. 


The scoreboard provides  lots of information before and during the game.

This is the only "manually operated" scoreboard in the majors.

Aren't these pictures amazing??  You would think they were taken seconds apart, 
 but notice the guy in the yellow shirt. 
These were two different pitches, yet each player is in exactly the same position! 

The pictures were taken one minute apart.

Our seats were behind right field, so we were not likely to interfere with balls in play.  The final home-run landed in the stands just beyond the foul post.  With everyone standing in excitement, we were not able to see where it landed until the news that night, but the crowd made it clear it was a winning run! 

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