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Grand Teton National Park
This year's backpacking adventure will be a trip West and a little South to Grand Teton National Park... Starting in Duluth MN on 6/25 with 10 young men (Royal Rangers) and 4 adults, we will head West through Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana. We hope to get somewhere near Miles City for an overnight stay at a KOA. At Laurel MT we will drop south on 310, 72, 120 and into Cody WY. From Cody we'll take 14/16 West through the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Or if time permits, we may alternately drop into Yellowstone over Beartooth Pass (via 212) and thus bypass the Bighorn Basin and Cody... Once in the park we will head South on 191 to hopefully a spot near Jackson WY for Sunday night.

We will be taking two separate hikes, see the link below for the trail map. The first will be starting at Lupine Meadows trailhead and taking a very steep trail upwards for two nights in Garnet Canyon which is only about 4,000' below the summit of Grand Teton. Grand Teton tops off at 13,770'. We will stay there two nights then come back down, hop in our vehicles and get to the String Lake Trailhead. From there we'll head up the Cascade Canyon and overnight along the North Fork. Next day we'll head North up and over the Paintbrush Divide, down into the Paintbrush Canyon, and onward to the Holly Lake area for 2 nights. Early Saturday morning, we continue down Paintbrush Canyon to the String Lake Trailhead.

The road trip home will be rushed. We will head North into Yellowstone and out the East Entrance. Going through Cody and then North to Laurel. Alternately if time permits we may continue East from Cody and take a run over the Bighorns to once again see "Old Baldy" and pay our respects to Herman. Hopefully we'll make it back to North Dakota by Saturday night and stay in a hotel to freshen up a bit. Sunday will be an early start with arrival in Duluth in the evening.

Itinerary information [subject to change depending on availability of trail campsites!]:

Over the last two years [Bighorns and Mount Rainier], you learned a great deal about backpacking. The environment that we will encounter this time will be similar to the Bighorns. The following general guidelines also need to be addressed:

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