Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2007


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This year was another great show and the weather held out for us for the most part.  It was dry but very hot (90s) on Saturday and Sunday was a lot cooler but it ended up sprinkling on us from about 1pm on.



Obviously there weren't as many Broncos in attendance as there was last year but there was still several.  James Duff was there with "Duffy's Bronco" and there were several others there too, including a few that needed some help.






Here are a couple nice Mach 1's from the Mach 1 reunion.  I got over there pretty late on Sunday so most of them were gone. 




Ford Motor Company had a little more presence this year with a couple areas set up.  One where you could try to win a car, another where you guess how many footballs are in the F150, and also the Super Duty Power Tour.




The celebrities in attendance this year were David Pearson, Bud Moore, and Antonio Fargas (the original Huggy Bear)




Finally, here's a few shots of the showfield.



See you next year!


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