Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2006


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This was the show I've been waiting for.  This year the feature vehicle at the Ford Nationals was the Bronco and the celebration of its 40th Anniversary.  The Carlisle All-Ford Nationals was the kickoff event for the East Coast 40th anniversary events.  I don't know the exact number but I think there were around 100 Broncos in attendance, ranging from early Broncos to Ted Nugent's Broncos to Baja Broncos to Bronco II's.


The weather held out for us despite very threatening skies.  Just like last year, I hear that it rained quite a bit on Friday but was really nice on Saturday & Sunday while we were there.  I didn't buy too much stuff this year, mostly just enjoyed the vehicles but I did pick up a few pieces of Bronco literature and some other odds & ends.



I'll start off with the Baja Broncos.  There were two Stroppe Broncos at the show, a '75 that was driven up from NC and a '73 that lives nearby in Lancaster, PA.  First, here's a few pics of the '75.  Check out the shirts that he had on display with his rig!





Here's the '73 Stroppe that was on display in the building.




This was the biggest surprise for me.  The original Stroppe Accessories chassis was on display.  There are a few pics of the chassis and a pic of the original spread from the Stroppe Accessories Catalog.  I put a few more of the detailed pics of the chassis here.




Check out this Bronco with tank treads!



Stacy David was at the show and he brought the Crazy Horse Bronco with him...




Here's a pretty sweet Bronco that has a 4.6L DOHC modular V8 installed!  Very cool and a very clean installation.



Check out this 1977 Bronco with a cherry body.... literally!



The OBB (Operation Baghdad Bronco) was also on display at the show.  You can read the entire story of this Bronco here.

                    OBB-06.JPG (47570 bytes)


Here are a couple of Ted Nugent's Broncos that were on display.  The "Zebra Bronco" was there as was the '74 that was just completed for Ted by Jeff's Bronco Graveyard.



Here is a VERY early production '66 Roadster that belongs to Drew & Don Peroni.  They made the trip out to CA back in May for the West Coast 40th celebration.  They had a special 40th Anniversary hood on this truck and had it autographed by quite a few of the former Bronco Racers including Parnelli Jones and Willie Stroppe while they were out there.



Here are a bunch of other Bronco pics that I took from the showfield and inside the display buildings.











The "Lawman Mustang" was on display and its owner, Bill Goldberg, was on hand to sign autographs.



Here are a few pictures of some Mustangs & Shelbys that were at the show.




Finally, here's a few shots of the showfield... check out that sky!



See you next year.


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