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Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), your trusted experienced resource for over 70 years!
IBS is YOUR international voice for college radio and streaming audio (webcasting)!
IBS - college radio, TV, webcasting, podcasting, streaming, and high school radio!
For outstanding radio and webcasting it takes two, IBS and YOU!
Join over 1,000 IBS Member School and College Radio and Webcasters TODAY!

There are MANY BENEFITS to IBS Membership.

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Who is IBS?

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), is your experienced resource for information, action, and help.

IBS is a not for profit education corporation founded in 1940.
IBS serves not for profit college radio stations and webcasters.
IBS serves high school radio stations and webcasters.
IBS serves community radio stations and webcasters.
IBS Website is:

IBS holds over 200 educational seminars with over 300 speakers/panel members,
coast-to-coast, attended by over 2,000 delegates every year!

IBS has continuously served IBS Members for over 70 years!!!
IBS Board and national headquarters staff have over 1,000 cumulative years of radio experience ready to help you!
IBS Board and Senior Staff are ALL VOLUNTEERS! They are dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS!

IBS is your trusted and experienced resource.
IBS has over 1,000 IBS Members!!! (IBS Members are 95% of all education radio stations and webcasters that affiliate nationally.)
IBS mails four to eight page color print monthly Newsletters to all member radio/streaming stations during the academic year.

IBS hosts coast-to-coast radio/webcast conferences
IBS hosts over 150 seminars annually with over 250 speakers and panel members.

IBS Fall radio conferences are only a $25 per person!
IBS Member Fall conference registration fee includes breakfast and lunch.

IBS gives YOU the BEST information and representation for LESS investment from you!
IBS hosts a giant international three day 115-seminar radio/webcast conference in NY City every March for over 70 years.
IBS Member first delegate is FREE to the IBS International radio and webcast conference, an $80 value!
IBS annually provides more than 150 seminars coast to coast to help you be your best!

IBS has world headquarters directors and staff ready to serve you 24/7/365. ( and

IBS national offices and facilities have been in the same location for over 40 years.
IBS has Washington, DC based law firm representation for copyright concerns.

IBS is YOUR Voice internationally and throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.
IBS Board and staff attend major radio and webcast conferences (NAB, NAB Radio, BEA, NFCB, CMJ, Public Radio, RTNDA, CMA, etc.).
IBS will meet with you at these conferences to assist you with your concerns.
IBS is a member of and strategic partner of other major broadcasting organizations (NAB, BEA, NFCB, RTNDA, NPR, AIR, CMA, etc.)

IBS has consulting radio engineers ready to help you.
IBS provides free programming resources for you.
IBS Industry Associates provide you, the valued IBS Member, with special member discounts on services and equipment.

Download a PDF copy of an IBS Member Invoice. Click here!

Over 70 Years of continuous Service for over 1,000 IBS Members affiliated with educational radio

IBS Offices, Staff and World Headquarters
367 Windsor Highway, New Windsor, NY 12553 - 7900

Telephone (845) 565-0003
FAX: (845) 565-7446

Send email to IBS by clicking here! (

Coast-to-coast across North America IBS branch offices/local telephone service are closer to YOU! (see below)
New York City: 917-338-7572
Boston, MA: 617-395-7993
Chicago, IL: 312-235-6566
Washington-DC: 202-465-4340
Los Angeles, CA: 213-291-1634
San Diego, CA: 619-793-5246
Oakland, CA: 510-868-0892
San Francisco, CA: 415-738-0548
Nashville, TN: 615-469-2400
New Orleans: 504-754-1346
Tampa, FL: 813-426-3642
Seattle, WA: 206-274-4668
Philadelphia, PA: 215-825-5163
Indianapolis, IN: 317-536-2726
Dallas, TX: 214-432-7567
San Antonio, TX: 210-579-0596
St. Louis, MO: 314-754-8447
Minneapolis, MN: 612-605-4429
Atlanta, GA: 404-474-8884
Detroit, MI: 313-281-4001
Milwaukee, WI: 414-431-8178
Columbus, OH: 614-559-4614

Salt Lake City, UT: 801-413-2967
IBS CANADA call: Montreal, Quebec-514-448-1886; Ottawa, Ontario-613-482-2222; Vancouver, British Columbia-604-484-7036
IBS United Kingdom call: London, England 44-2071-019-630 (Our IBS London Office serves European Union IBS College Radio)

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