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Even the Federal Communications Commission is on the web and their site is getting more useful as new information is being added.

Latest FCC News on LPFM (Low Power FM Broadcasting)

PDF copy of FCC REPORT TO CONGRESS on LPFM (Low Power FM Broadcasting), recommending opening frequencies.

FCC News on LPFM (Low Power FM Broadcasting)

FCC Rules and Regulations - Did you know...?

Link to FCC Rules click here (47 CFR 73)

Some of the more routine rules and regulations you should know about:

Subpart C -- Noncommercial Educational FM Broadcast Stations
Beginning with section 73.501

Subpart H -- Rules Applicable to All Broadcast Stations
Beginning with section 73.1001

For information on your public file requirements see:
Section 73.3527 click here to view or download .pdf copy

One of the requirements for your Public File is to have a copy of The Public and Broadcasting a booklet last published in June, 1999.
You can view or download a .pdf copy for reading and/or printing by clicking here.

FCC Station License Renewal Information (click on the FCC logo or here)

Do you know when your station's license is up for renewal?
Better check here to find out.
IBS member-stations can get help from the IBS World Headquarters Staff.
They have all the information you will need.
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