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s.s. Waterman Here you will find information about the ship that brought the de Bruyn and van der Horst families to America. There are also Passenger Lists for the voyages that departed Rotterdam on April 1, 1955 and April 25, 1955 for Halifax and New York.

Rummaging through boxes of papers and old photos in my parent's attic became a great learning experience and resulted in the need to ask a multitude of questions. When and why did our name change? Today it is DeBruyn, which I knew had changed from de Bruyn. What about the change from de Bruijn to de Bruyn? What else didn't I know? A new hobby began - genealogy. I am hoping that this site will result in additional information as I search for de Bruijn family members.

The information about the van der Horst's from Gerardus and Gerrit van der Horst back to Pyter van Delmerhorst was researched by Anne Gerrit van der Horst, my Great Uncle to whom the entire van der Horst family is grateful. We are also grateful to my grandfather (Opa) Anne (Andrew) van der Horst, who was 103 years young upon his death on August 11, 2003, for his help.

Since first posting this web site in 2000 many others have provided information and pictures which has expanded the family tree significantly.

I hope to expand the Jablonski (Krager) line and hope to learn more about that branch in the future. The Jablonki's lived in Buffalo and Dunkirk New York. A name change from Jablonski to Krager around 1930 has made the search an interesting challenge.

With my sons married now, I am also interested in researching the ancestors of my daughter-in-laws. These lines include: Woodring, Parker, Donath, Sneddon, Murphy and Drengel.

I have learned over the past few years that "Grandchildren make getting old worth it."

If you would like to see more pictures and find out more about the de Bruijn's and other family members, click on the Pictures and other stuff link below in the Contact Section.

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