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Welcome to Janice's In-home Daycare

     I hope that this site will help both parents and other in-home daycare providers.

     The main reason for this web site is for my current families to find out more about the things we do each day, find a special project, or just help their child by adding to their learning experience at home.

     When I started my home daycare I had no idea where to start, where to find fun ideas or to even get the things I was looking for. All I know was I wanted the best for my children and the children I would be caring for. I started out buying a few different preschool programs. I liked the idea of everything being put together for me, but I felt there was something missing with these programs. Now I am using some ideas I got from the preschool programs, I've adding more of my own ideas, gotten ideas from craft books, and I have found several ideas on the web.

     In this site you will find some of my favorite things, web sites I have used, crafts, decorations the children have made (as a group or on their own).

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