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October 25th to 29th

     We pushed leaves into a pile for everyone to play in. All the children enjoyed the leaves. We talked about the colors Orange and black, the letter F, fish, friends, feeling, fun, food, fork, fence, feet, family, frogs and football. We watched a Veggie Tales video that talked about neighbors being friends. We made fall flags with our names on them. We work on our cutting skills and shredded some paper.

     We talked about things families and friends can do together like go to the park, play games, go on a picnic, share toys or just have fun together.

     We played picnic on the floor and the children pretended to wash the dishes. Later we had a real picnic on the floor in the kitchen. (Turkey sandwiches, carrot sticks, apples and chocolate milk).

     We took a walk to look at Halloween decorations.

     We had a visit from Wendy (stretch-n-grow). She talked to us about Halloween safety and eating small portions of candy as a treat is ok, but not to eat it all the time.

     At our Halloween party we watch a Halloween video (Charlie Brown's Halloween). We had orange rice krispy bar pumpkin balls and had a pumpkin, ghost, bat, and black cat hunt. (Paper cut outs hidden in the house).

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