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[Revive! with VM/CMS!] That's me, the geek in the computer lab after midnight advocating the use and abuse of Vivarin, two leitmotif's of my adult life, late-night computing and caffeine addiction. The tactic of graveyard-shift caffeine-fueled computing helped me get my B.S., in a cozy IBM Mainframe environment, with it's cadre of acolytes to keep it running, but was disastrous in grad school, where the engineering VAX would crash regularly at nights and weekends. This was a factor in becoming a grad school dropout, as well as realizing that when the East and West Germans were lambadaing atop the Berlin wall, Aerospace Engineers might be an unnecessary luxury in the kinder, gentler post-Cold War America.

[George, Mary and landyacht]So here I am, grad school dropout, leaning on my beloved green landyacht, festooned with Dead stickers ( and it's now tin cans) with my then-girlfriend (now wife) Mary. I had a typical slacker career, manhandling the developmentally disabled, temp jobs testing software with no benefits, technical writing/software support with some benefits, until I left slackerdom and got a slacker dreamjob, with benefits and a 401k, at Xerox supporting the DocuTech. (You mean I get paid to talk on the phone and play with computers?).

I've also started getting paid for my writing. I don't have any fiction published, but I am the coauthor of two books on Samba, the Samba Administrator's Handbook, and Samba for Dummies. If you come by with a copy, I'll autograph it for you, and even draw you a beer (from my tap).

So now I have the whole catastrophe, with a wife, two kids, and a dog.

I took the above two pictures with my webeye parallel port camera, okay for $40. Below is one of my new looks, love my newly tinted glasses. And then a pic with my new glasses, with Allison

If you want to read the latest ramblings in my life, I'd start with my diary at kuro5hin, a discussion forum/weblog. I do a diary entry every few days, when I have something amusing enough to say.

I really like the net, and my latest kick is finding out what I can about people using the various search engines on the web (Google is my current favorite). There's very little privacy on the web, never say anything in Usenet that you don't want to see on the 6 o-clock news. You can get started from here.

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I just got DSL, and I love it. I find the connection speed is just as fast as it is from work. Once I get my Cisco management cable and my firewall rules set up, I'll probably set up a web server at home.

For fun, I like to trade CDRs, and I used to trade tapes, check out my CDR trading page.

Mail me while I'm home, removing the obvious

Since I'm in the same city I went to high school with, I cross paths with people I went to high school frequently (almost daily). So I'm curious about all those high school alumni web pages, and I've even been to a few. You can check them out here, though the Rush-Henrietta one won't be of much use to most of you (Rush-Henrietta Sperry 1984).

I've also come out of the closet about Lego, yes, I'm an adult, and I still play with Lego. I'm slowly taking pictures of my creations and posting them, here.

I'm starting my midlife crisis early (I'm only 39). See my motorcycle!


Well, they're all on a new page, here.

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