The Command GEV

The Command GEVThe Command GEV is used to coordinate armored assaults. This example is clad in a typical woodland camofluage pattern.It is based upon the same chassis as the Troopship GEV, but equipped for battlefield communications, intelligence and control. Since a Command GEV is such a valued target, they are usually escorted by two Troopship GEVs, and four Assault GEVs.

Externally, the Command GEV resembles the Troopship GEV, but with many more anttennas. There are three small tight beam antennas for localized communications, and two larger satellite dishes for satellite dishes. All the antennas are automatically stabilized, allowing full speed transmission and reception at top speed. However. with all five dish antennas deployed, top speed is reduced significantly. Fortunately, they can swiftly be stowed if the area the Command GEV is in comes under heavy fire.

Interior, Command GEV Internally, the Command GEV is far more cramped than the Troopship GEV. Over half of the interior is taken over by three computer stations, with full wall displays. The three operators can call up radar views, satellite views, remote sensor views, and overlay all sorts of battle information on top of the displays. Motion sickness is their most serious problem, since the Command GEV is usually cruising right behind the armored column.

The commander stands behind the operators, typically the Colonel leading the offensive, , flanked by two aides/body guards. As is needed for safety and communication in a GEV swerving and avoiding explosions, everyone inside wears protective helmets with line of sight low level radio communication.

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