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Reflections of Freedom
    June 25-29, 2009

Knox Farm State Park,   East Aurora, NY

Reading of the names of area war casualties
Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taps played by Nathan Cotton (USAF Ret)
12 noon: Grenada, Iraq, and Afghanistan casualties
12:10 to 1:10 Vietnam War casualties
The blue links above show the lists of names.

Instructions for volunteer name readers:

  • Names will be read slowly and with dignity.
  • Any person may volunteer to read names, but relatives and friends of casualties have priority.
  • Readers may request reading the page that includes the name of a relative or friend. The relative who asks first will have priority.
  • Relatives and friends may volunteer up to midnight Saturday.
  • Other volunteers must accept that they may get bumped by a relative.
  • In the case of a relative or friend, the reader may say “my brother,” or “my friend,” etc. before the name.
  • With the one exception above, there will be no other words except the names.
  • The name reader will not be introduced.
  • Each person will read names for about 5 minutes.
  • Names will be read slowly and with dignity. (deliberately repeated)
  • Name readers will show up at least 15 minutes before her/his assigned time.
  • Name readers will learn to properly pronounce each name on her/his list well before the event.
  • If the name reader is reading too fast or too slow, the name reading organizer may hold up a cue card that reads “slow down” or “speed up.”  The name reader will respond with the proper action. The name reader will not announce anything like “I was just told to slow down.”
  • Names will be read slowly and with dignity. (deliberately repeated)

If you would like to be a volunteer name reader, please contact Jim:

  • Phone (585)727-1283 Call any time, leave a complete message if no answer.
  • Email to flewhuey@frontiernet.net
  • In either case, please provide:
    • Your full name
    • Your phone number including area code
    • Your email address
    • If you want to read a certain name, what is that name
    • Your relationship to the person you named
Major Sponsors of Reflections of Freedom
Greater East Aurora Chamber of Commerce
Tops Friendly Markets
Erie County Veterans Service Agency Knox Farm State Park
East Aurora American Legion Post 362
Aurora Vietnam Veterans

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