Established 1905

ENGINE 16 is located on 704 Hudson Ave in Rochester, New York, responding with a 2006 Rosenbauer Pumper with a 1250 gpm Rosenbauer pump and a 500 gallon tank. Engine 16 is the busiest company in the City of Rochester Fire Department, responding to over 3400 emergency calls in 2006. Engine 16  covers a large densely populated residential district located in the northeast quadrant of the Rochester Fire Department's 1st Battalion. The first and second in districts stretch as far North as to Lakeshore Blvd (supporting Quint 1 at Kings Highway) to Downtown Rochester, and from St. Paul Blvd to Culver Road. The firehouse itself is the oldest firehouse in the city that has retained its original company from when it first opened in 1905. The Rochester New York Fire Department Line Division is equipped and manned 24 hours daily with a 4 group work system with 8 Engines, 9 Quints, 9 Midis (2 crew hose tender/pumper), 1 Heavy Rescue, 2 Haz-Mat Units, 1 Salvage-Ventilation-Lighting Unit, 1 Health and Safety Unit, Fire Arson Investigation Units, 3 Battalion Chiefs, and 1 Line Deputy Chief, all responding from 15 firehouse's throughout the city, along with a host of other Support Equipment & and Non-Line Staff units such as Rescue Boats, Academy Staff, Executive Staff, Inspectors, RFD Apparatus Maintenance, RFD Supply Depot, etc. Pictures of many of the Line Apparatus can be found at our Union Website, Rochester Firefighter's Local 1071,, located on the "Firehouse Locations" Page.
Monday, April 20, 2007 11:00 am
New All Time Run Record
The unofficial total runs Engine 16 did in 2008 was 3881 which is a new all time high!
Firehouse Is About To Be Redone
You may of heard, but Engine 16 is slated to be redone. Nut not only that, but once we move back in, a new resident (or old you could say) will be back.....TRUCK 6! Reconstruction of the new firehouse is due to start in May. Engine 16 will be relocated once again to Q/M 6 for approximately 18 months. Updates and pictures of the progress will be coming to this site, along with a site reconstruction too!
Saturday, February 7, 2009 11:00 am
Not Many Updates
Sorry for the lack of updates. We will be reorganizing the site soon!

Total Runs For E16 2008
Approximate total runs for 2008 was over 3800 runs. 2009 is projected to be more.

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