Fulton Tower - More Photos

Writers have described the area surrounding the tower as one of wild beauty. Notice the sheep and cows grazing in the background toward the south of the hillsides.


This photo was taken from the south-west corner of the Tower looking west to the Ruberslaw Mountain that rises to a height of 1392 feet. In the 1600's, this mountain provided a hiding place for the persecuted Covenanters. 


This closeup shows the fine red sandstone used to build the tower. Notice on the right-hand side of the photo (the south-east corner of the tower) the remnants of the circular newel staircase that was used to access the upper floors. 


In June 1995, participants in the Fulton reunion visited the Fulton Tower. Pictured here from left to right are: Roberta (Fulton) Hirth, Florence (Fulton) Wolfe, Homer J. Fulton, and Dean Sigle. 

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