"I am an extraordinarily lucky person, doing what I love best in the world. I'm sure that I will always be a writer. It was wonderful enough just to be published. The greatest reward is the enthusiasm of the readers."  JK Rowling




JK Rowling owns a rabbit.

Rowling is pronounced "rolling".

She has started reading the books to her daughter, who likes them very much.

She got the idea for Harry Potter on a train from Manchester to London.

Hermione is based on JK Rowling.

The 'K' in 'JK' is Kathleen.

JK Rowling isn't very "internet savvy".

She was born in Chipping Sodbury General Hospital.

Her sister's name is Diane (Di for short).

The first story she ever wrote was about a rabbit called "Rabbit".

She moved twice while she was growing up.

She had a friend whose surname was 'Potter'.

She is not very good at sport.

She was head girl in her final year.

She was the worst secretary in the world because she is so disorganized.

Her favorite subject was English, although she liked other languages too.

She is in her mid-30's.

Her first name is Joanne.

She said in an interview when asked "Why J.K. Rowling and not your first name?" She replied something like, "Because it gives a mystery edge to it, it also (to me) sounds better."

JK Rowling taught in Portugal for some time with her husband before she got

JK Rowling got the idea for the "Harry Potter" books on a train (that we
know) but her pen didn't work and she was too shy to borrow one, so the books
had to wait until she got home.

JK Rowling used to be very poor, and she would write her ideas for books on
anything she could find (napkins, newspapers, etc).

One day, she was riding on a train (Can't remember why) and got the idea for Harry Potter, but she couldn't find anything to write on. When she got home, she scribbled furiously n sheets and sheets of paper.

She came up with the names for the houses on a barf bag on an

She wrote her first story at age 6.

It took her 5 years to write Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

After she finishes with the Harry Potter series, she plans to write
another series. She doesn't know what it is yet!

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Joanne Rowling was born in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol, England. After she graduated from Exeter University, she found work as a secretary, and later spent time teaching English in Portugal before moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, with her daughter. She currently resides in Scotland with her husband and two children.

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