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Member of The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

Dorit's doll days began in 1984. She developed her own technique in successfully manipulating, with a needle, the nylon hose covered fiberfill. It took endless hours, concentration and months of hard work and determination to improve and perfect her needle sculpting skills. It finally paid off. Each individual piece stands proud to tell its own story through its eyes which are hand painted by its master. Her talent as an artist is not only limited to working in cloth but covers a much broader horizon. Oil painting, photography, video productions and polymer clay sculpting play a great roll in her artistic life.

Dorit's needle sculpting has been featured in well known magazines such as the Cloth Doll Magazine, Doll Reader, Doll Design, Doll World, Lady's Circle, and Contemporary Dolls. She has also been featured locally in the Upstate section of the Democrat and Chronicle (New York) and in the Greece Post. Her work has also been featured on local television programs. Dorit has held workshops in Sacramento California; San Jose, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Pleasentville, New Jersey; Rochester, New York; and in Crownsville, Maryland. Her work has won numerous first place ribbons, best of show and peoples choice awards, to name a few. Her greatest challenge is to be able to needle sculpt as smooth and as expressionable as possible, as with polymer clay.

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Heavy-Duty Wire Frames handmade

by Dorit

Wire armatures are double wire frames, made with 14 gauge, galvanized wire and can be ordered in the following sizes: 10-24 inches in length.

Standard size wire structure will fit an 18 inch doll. A one-time, $5.00 setup fee will apply to all custom made sizes other than 18 inches.

1 body
6 bodies
12 bodies

Does not include actual shipping costs. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. Please inquire about shipping before placing your order.

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Complete Needle Sculpting Kit

$55.00 (plus shipping - $8.00)

Kit Includes:

Soft Sculpting Kit - Includes: Wire Armature, fusible fleece, pre-sewn nylon stocking, one piece of fake fur, one soft sculpture needle, one pre-sewn hand, pipe cleaners, body and hand patterns, written instructions on how to sculpt a head and make hands.

This kit is put together based upon the techniques used in the video tapes: Needle Sculpting the Head and Body.

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Needle Sculpting Kit - Head Only

$30.00 (plus shipping - $5.00)

Kit Includes:

one , 2 1/2 inch styrofoam egg, four pieces of fleece to cover each half of the egg, one half egg already covered with fleece, one half egg, ready to start needle sculpting, two ready sewn nylon tubes, to cover each egg half, two pieces of extra fabric for ears, one piece of fake fur, for hair poly-fill, one 3 inch needle, flesh colored thread, written instructions on how to stitch the nose

This kit is put together based upon the techniques used in Needle Sculpting the Head videotape.
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