Dorit Dolls


"At Ground Zero"

 Dorit is so proud to have completed this piece since she, like so many others, has had a real hard time dealing with the tragedy of September 11. "...I found it very hard to focus on various things I love to do in life, especially doll making. Since then, I created a series of Firemen and found that it helped me to release a lot of my anxiety. I did not lose a loved one that day, but was able to feel the pain we all saw in the tears of those countless victims..." 

Needle Sculpted Characters

The cloth dolls are unique, original, one-of-a-kind characters made of nylon hose. The faces are needle sculpted. The body structure is a wire armature wrapped with fusible fleece.

Polymer Clay Sculptures

Faces, hands and feet are made from polymer clay. The body structure is a wire armature covered with fusible fleece. All costumes are individually designed and are one-of-a-kind. Doll sizes range from eight to twenty five inches tall

All of Dorit's videotapes are available in PAL System

Posable Wire Structure Frames

Needle Sculpting Kits

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