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Click HERE  for 06-13-19 return young eagle to the nest.   Click HERE for a short video showing the man in the tree.

Click HERE  for 02-28-19 fog, worker boat, herons, harrier, skimmers, flower, sunset

Click HERE  for 02-27-19 kiskadee in fog, walk, pier 19, jetty, feed gulls, gator, ibis, spoonbill, harrier, kitty

Click HERE  for 02-26-19 high tide, walk, Annie, to SpaceX site, alligator, black necked stilt, duck, heron, ibises

Click HERE  for 02-25-19 barge, tern, walk, kayak tip, Atascosa wildlife, spoonbills, workers on side

Click HERE  for 02-24-19 sunrise, herons, spoonbills, snipe, etc., walk, couple of dogs, Monarchs, sunset

Click HERE  for 02-23-19 Trio, sunshine, walk, Debs, sand sculptures, temp, birds @ boardwalk, alligator, sunset

Click HERE  for 02-22-19 foggy walk, sand sculptures, Deb & Maggie, amphitheater, waves, snipe, white heron, tri-color heron, leaf tunnel

Click HERE  for 02-21-19 heron on dock, boat 4sale, walk, old dog, dolphins, foggy bridge, feed pelicans, boardwalk birds, vermillion flycatcher, sora, Becky, vette 

Click HERE  for 02-20-19 empty beach, P.I. market, rescue kitty, vermillion flycatcher, snipe, herons, ibises, spoonbills

Click HERE  for 02-19-19 foggy day, dogs, surfers, high tide

Click HERE  for 02-18-19 sick Jim, palm trees by the dock

Click HERE  for 02-17-19 Falcon, fog, heron, sand lobster, bye Lorraine, hawk, rodeo, sick Jim
















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