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  Welcome to Wild and Free!  If you need help deciding what to do about an injured or abandoned animal, call the Garrison Animal Hospital, 24 hours, at 320-692-4180.

 Otherwise, If you want to get in touch with us you can send an e-mail to  info@wildandfree.org 


This is one of the Great Horned Owls released at the Ripple River Gallery recently.  Click HERE to see them all.


 Thank You Norma and Thank You Thrivent!

Norma acquired a $250 donation from Thrivent for the purpose of purchasing supplies for Wild and Free.  We filled the car with needed items. The inside was full also.



Join Wild and Free and help support us in our mission to take care of the orphaned and injured wildlife.  Click HERE for a membership application form. 

Donate to Wild and Free HERE!




Bremer Bank Helps Wild and Free

Bremer employee Joyce Anderson presents a check for $300 to Jim and Becky. This money was donated by Bremer employees and will be used to purchase needed items for W&F.