Our Officers

Having a strong lodge requires the dedication and understanding of members willing to step up and serve the Lodge, Chapter and thier needs.  Men and women who serve in officer positions give of themselves tirelessly to help the Lodge and Chapter succeed.  If you have not served or are interested in serving, please contact an officer for more info!

LOOM Officers

Board of Officers 2015 - 16
Image Governor
Matt Froh
Image Jr. Governor
Art Langhoff
Image Administrator
Jon Budke
Image Jr. Past Governor
Gerald Hetzel
Vacant Prelate
Image Treasurer
Charlie Geiger
Image Trustee '16
Gary Schoenke
Image Trustee '17
Randy Schwartz
Image Trustee '18
Tom Lederer
Image Sgt. At Arms
Kevin Diels

WOTM Officers

Board of Officers 2015 - 16
Image Senior Regent
Mary Tilton
Image Jr. Regent
Amy Bodoh
Image Sect./Treasurer
Gerry Raddatz
Image Recorder
Brenda Mehlberg
Image Jr. Graduate Regent
Ann Moericke
Image Guide
Rose Bowers
Image Assistant Guide
Linda Wanta

WOTM Chairman

Image Membership/Retention
Becky Puliatchk
Image Community Service
Carol Schaefer
Image Activities/Sports
Diane Froh
Image Mooseheart/Moosehaven
Rose Peeters
Image Higher Degrees
June Bush

Legion Officers

Image Chair
Charlie Geiger
Image Vice Chair
Art Langhoff
Image Asst. Secretary
John Moericke
Image Chaplain
Gerald Hetzel
Image Finance Dir.
Mike Bodoh
Image Fraternal Dir.
Kevin Diels
Image Jr. Past Chair
Tom Lederer
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