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"More experience than you'll ever need."



800 Spencerport Road 

Rochester, NY  14606

Phone: (585) 426-0033  Fax: (585) 429-6412



Assembly Design Services is solely dedicated to contributing to our customerís success. We want our services to be a "value-added" asset to our clients.

Allowing us to become an early and active member of your project team, takes full advantage of our vast experience in components, design, manufacturing and debug.

We will deliver the best, cost effective design on time and provide support for the duration of the project.



Does your machine design vendor:


  1. Add value to your company?
  2. Become a member of your design team?
  3. Offer fresh innovative concepts?
  4. Have the experience to understand what it takes to build a special machine for your product?
  5. Function as a valuable asset to your engineers?
  6. Evaluate the specifications, the customer, the product, the budget and the schedule before beginning the design?
  7. Deliver a fully efficient design to your customer's specifications on time?
  8. Remain flexible to the many changes in scope and schedule that occur during any special machine design project?
  9. Provide past experience and problem solving strategies during the debug and acceptance stage of the project?
  10. Familiarize themselves with your company's machining capability and design?
  11. Communicate directly with customers to become more aware of their needs?
  12. Help with the debug process using "hands-on" experience?



If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you need to talk with us because ADS:


  • Has key people who were once project engineers and engineering supervisors in major special machine companies.
  • Has over 100 years combined experience in all aspects of special machines.
  • Goes the extra distance to provide the highest quality, cost-effective design.
  • Brings professionalism and pride to the customer's team
  • Introduces new concepts, along with time proven designs to the project team
  • Makes the project engineer's tasks easier and always surpasses expectations.


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