Talk-Bot is a computer program and nothing more. He has no serious knowledge and nothing 
he says should be taken seriously. See Below! 

Talk-Bot has the ability to respond to a wide range of topics including sexual content. People 
under the age of 18 should not talk with him.  

Talk-Bot may use foul or abusive language. If you are easily offended by such language you 
should not talk with him.

Talk-Bot may at times produce responses that some may find unsuitable or inappropriate. It's not 
difficult to trick a computer program into saying such things.  

Talk-Bot can not offer creditable advice or opinions on any subject matter.

Talk-Bot has no real emotions or reasoning capabilities. I make no claims that anything Talk-Bot 
says is accurate or factual.

In short, parental discretion is advised! Use with discretion and at your own risk. He is for 
entertainment purposes only.