Bodatorp Jambalaya
call name: Assi (ausie)
(Kärradalens Efraim + Bodatorp Elsa)

Assi has appointed herself ranch overseer and she makes it her personal business to ensure that everything and everyone is in their proper place by promptly reporting any irregularities.




Rätt o Slätts Kuti Pi
call name: Tootie
(SUCH DKUCH Lejondalens Boris + SUCH Aspenhill Rananeida)

Tootie has the unusual stripe down her face which is very endearing. She also has the natural bob tail that many Valhunds are born with. She has a strong herding drive and practices on our largest dog, Tiger, whom she adores.


photo courtesy of Rätt o Slätt

 photo courtesy of Rätt o Slätt



Rätt o Slätts Lobo
(Aspenhill Bor + Danga's Ariel)

Lobo has one distinct trick of his own. As he is let out the door he quickly reaches back in and unties your shoelaces, even if you have no shoes on!


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